The acclaimed ‘Skyrim’ mode ‘The Forgotten City’ has hit consoles and PCs this summer.

The forgotten city It’s one Skyrim The mode, which was released in 2015, quickly picked up numerous awards for its gripping mystery details, including a win over the Australian Writers Guild. An upgraded, single version of it The forgotten city This summer will hit the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Switch and PC, the publisher announced this week from beloved villager and developer Modern Storyteller.

In the game, players are trapped in a time loop in an ancient city hidden beneath the Roman Empire. Its 26 inhabitants live under a strict and deadly law: if any of them breaks the mysterious gold rule, they all die. As individuals of the modern era, players use time travel and interrogation to change the course of events and solve the Golden Rule puzzle. It is non-linear with multiple edges, voice acting and an original orchestral score.

The original version The forgotten city According to the developer, it takes an average of six to eight hours.

“While it captures all the elements of the players’ knowledge and love, the whole revelation equates every aspect and surprises a lot, ”the modern storyteller wrote. “Walk the streets of a brand new city, learn about re-imagined characters. The forgotten city The story you always wanted to tell, you can enjoy again and again. “

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