Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

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Amazon is now making a huge sale on AirPods, dropping up to 35 percent from some models. Is noticeable AirPods Pro, Apple’s best sounding earbud, which is back at 17 179. That’s $ 70 from their normal price and only $ 10 more than the record we saw last year’s holiday shopping season. Discounts are also given Airpod with wireless charging case, Which is the lowest ever 129, and Airpods with standard case, Which is selling for 9 109. Amazon claims these are “limited time” sales, so it’s not clear if these discounts will be available later today.

Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon – $ 179
Buy AirPods (Wireless Charging Case) on Amazon – $ 129
Buy AirPods (Standard Case) on Amazon – $ 109

While we thought we’d hear about the new AirPods at Apple’s event last month, the technology giant hasn’t announced anything new in that segment. That means all of these models are a few years old at the moment, but some of them remain The best true wireless earbuds If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you can get it. AirPods Pro has made a profit Score 87 From us they have convenient features like improved sound quality, good fitting design with IPX4 water resistance and hands-free series access. These are the best sounding Apple earbuds you can get and they do a good job of turning off the surrounding sounds with active noise cancellation and clarity mode.

Regular airpod Good for those who already like the fit of Apple’s earbuds, which would come with every new iPhone. They have decent sound and good wireless range, as well as a tough five-hour battery life. But separating any pair of AirPods is their quick pairing and switching between Apple devices. The H1 chip inside allows them to recognize which device you’re actively using and switch to, so you can take a call on your iPhone to listen to music from your Mac.

In addition to the AirPods Pro, Amazon’s sales kicker is the wireless charging case – their original price was 199 199 but has been hovering around 15 159 for months. The last time we saw them close to this 12 129 record was in early August. And that means you’re paying just অতিরিক্ত 20 extra for a wireless charging case, which is a big deal.

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