Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The Rumors The truth was Amazon was working with an Alexa-powered robot on wheels. At its fall hardware event, the company showed Astro. Initially set at $ 1,000 when it becomes available later this year, it is basically an Alexa display that can revolve around your home.

The Robot There is a periscope camera that allows it to extend its field of view beyond floor level. It can extend that camera to test things like stoves and sleeping pets. With the ring Protect Pro Subscription service, you can program Astro while you are away. It can detect smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors or glass breaking sound. It will notify you when it notices something normal and you can save what you record to your ring account.


Naturally, you can issue it with all the common voice commands supported by Alexa. This means you can use it in conjunction with Amazon’s new Alexa together The feature allows your family members to contact you in case of an emergency. And if you are a person who likes to hang out while making calls, Astro can follow you around the house when making video calls.

So how does Amazon plan to persuade you to insert a moving camera into your home? Well, out of Wall-E’s eyes, you can put Astro in a no-disturb mode which limits how much you move during the day or night. Additionally, the company says you can define areas outside the boundaries to prevent robots from entering certain houses or areas.

Amazon Astro


Astro is one of the projects that Amazon has been working on for years. The fact that Amazon has finally decided to discontinue the device is something to be surprised about. Leading up to today’s event, there were reports from many people, including former CEO Jeff Bezos at Amazon, that they weren’t sure if there was any point in moving forward with the device.

Amazon plans to sell Astro in limited quantities later this year. Although it will eventually cost 1,449.99, as part of its first 1 version program, the company will sell the robot at an initial price. 999.99. Each Astro Ring will bring six months of complimentary access to Protect Pro.

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