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Image corrected for article titled Annoying Apple Watch Unlock Bug on iOS 15

Pictures: Caitlin McGary / Gizmodo

Introducing Apple during the epidemic was one of the simplest features Unlock your phone with Apple Watch. However, shortly after the iOS 15 public release, it became clear that “Unlock with Apple Watch” Some were not working for iPhone 13 owners. The good news: Apple has patched the bug in its latest update.

The fix was released today as part of iOS 15.0.1. How do we know? The updated summary clearly says so. In addition to the anonymous bug fix, Apple notes that it has “fixed a problem where some users cannot unlock the iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch.” It is not clear. To get updates, go to Settings Applications, select General, And then Software updates. The feature works on iPhone X or later which is a Series 3 or later added.

Image corrected for article titled Annoying Apple Watch Unlock Bug on iOS 15

Screenshot: Victoria Song / Gizmodo

Last year, masks were later made using FaceID and while working outside. Unlocking with the Apple Watch was a clever solution for those who had already invested in one. Wearing masks is still common, it is easy to see why iPhone 13 users were annoyed by the bug. Earlier, the Apple Watch was also used To unlock Mac Or like apps Password Manager 1 Password.

To fix other bugs, the update notes say Settings The app was mistakenly warning that storage is full and audio meditation is unexpectedly starting a workout for some Fitness + customers on the Apple Watch.

IOS 15 has been a fair part of the account since its public release a few weeks ago. The ringer switch is set silently if one is missing audio from Instagram Stories. (It was Fixed last week.) However, others have reported bugs like messages Delete saved images During iCloud backup, AirPods Pro Siri lost control, Has been reduced Touchscreen response, And Siri command removed For phone calls, voicemail and e-mail.

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