Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The weather Rolled out Apple Watch Integration for its AI-powered home gym provides users with an easy way to track their heart rate during a workout without the need for a dedicated HR monitor. After wearable sync, users can view other data, including how many calories they burn during studio classes, their total weight, and their ranking on the leaderboard.

The company says 70 percent of its users own an iPhone, and 35 percent of that group owns an Apple Watch. With that in mind, Apple’s integration is a no-brainer to roll out for its products. In addition to being able to view statistics and data, their watch sync will give users the ability to close and resume classes without having to walk to the smart home gym’s touchscreen panel, as well as manage their workouts.

Tempo has launched its studio home gym cabinet, which includes a touchscreen panel, a 3D camera track workout, weights and other equipment. Companies that have seen an increase in demand. In April, the company Raised $ 220 million in funding to keep up with the growing number and encourage its research and development efforts.

Those who already have a Tempo Studio and want to sync it with an Apple Watch need to make sure both devices, including the iPhone, are connected to the same WiFi network. All three must be close to each other. After logging in to their profile in Tempo Studio and downloading the app for Watch, they just need to follow the steps given on their iPhone.

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