Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

NFT Exploded in popularity In the first two years of the epidemic, and it does not look like they will leave any time soon. One of the latest companies to jump into the fray is the Associated Press (AP), which will Start selling January 31 as its “Award-winning Contemporary and Historical Photojournalism” as a non-fungible token. News agency develops a marketplace for its NFTs with blockchain technology provider Xooa, which will debut with an initial collection that will be released in the coming weeks after its launch.

The AP’s initial collection includes digitally developed Pulitzer Prize-winning images in categories such as space, climate and war. Each will include the original metadata of the image which shows the time and date it was taken, its location and the tools and settings used for the photographer’s shot. The agency says the marketplace will allow people to buy, sell and trade tokens, which can be purchased using credit cards and crypto wallets. The proceeds from the sale will be used to finance its activities One of the biggest controversies surrounding NFTs is their huge size Environmental impact. The AP says its NFTs will be minted in a polygon blockchain designed to consume less energy than its counterpart.

It remains to be seen what kind of money AP hopes to make by successfully selling his pictures. Adidas Made 23 million For its first NFT drop, but Ubisoft Barely sold any When it launches its own token. Another company that wants to open its own marketplace Gamestop, Which (according to The Wall Street Journal) Has recently formed a cryptocurrency division to work on the project.

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