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Star Wars Clone Wars When it aired on Cartoon Network in 2006, it was a great show that broke all expectations. Attack of the clones And Sith’s revenge. The show ran until 2013, when it was “injured” after Disney acquired Lucasfilm and all of its assets. Then another season went by on Netflix. Finally, last year, the last season debuted on Disney + and it looked like the show would finally take a break … until Bad batch Debut this week.

Underneath, Bad batch To be a different show from its predecessor, this new character and the history of Star Wars: Rise of the Empire happened in the previously unseen era with Rebel He showed us the formation of the rebel alliance and acted as its prequel The rogue one And A new hope, Bad batch The gap between the bridges Sith’s revenge And they work later. Which is a great goal. E.g. I said beforeOne of the main strengths of Star Wars is its deep depth and desire to expand the universe.

However, Bad batch Does not represent a huge exit from Clone Wars, Starting with the characters: Five Title Armies appeared on the first arch of its final season a while ago Clone Wars. That is the final season aired last year. (Editor’s note: These four episodes were originally made available in incomplete form on Star And Bad batchYou don’t have to watch those episodes to understand its accomplishments, who the characters are or what they represent: the first episode of the new series does a good job of introducing them and their mission.

However, this is not yet a show for Star Wars newcomers: what is still a clone trooper of neophytes, who are the separatists, and … what happened is still to be found in Sith’s revenge Between Emperor Palpatine and JD. It’s still a show that relies on prior knowledge, and not just the basics like “Stubborn has the power of magic and has spaceships”. It assumes you are familiar with the seven previous seasons.

Yes, you should probably see Clone Wars Before you see Bad batch. This is a show made for the fans Clone Wars; It uses the same dated CG animation style as the show, unlike Rebel And Resistance Which both change the style of art (the latter than the former). Yes, Bad batch Clearly meant a spin-off Clone WarsIt will open the first episode with a newsletter description of Tom Kane staying on his parents ’logo to reveal the new title. But it is also the first animated Star Wars series to debut at Disney + which will make it a natural jump to the point for new fans. They won’t be too happy when they realize it’s making it into the seven seasons of the previous story. Chicken, I have I saw Clone Wars And I’m still going to Wikipedia to find myself Specific characters Or Episodes. It made me think that maybe I should just revisit seven seasons of the old show.

And I’m not sure I want to do that in particular. While on Cartoon Network I watched the cartoon, relaunched it on Netflix before binging in the new season, and as soon as it was over I made my peace. Then last year all of a sudden there was a new season at Disney +, because even though Netflix was supposed to tie things up during the season, it didn’t. Although this seventh season at least tried to show us where Ahsoka Tano and Rex ended, Bad batch It simply means that the work was not done with us Clone Wars Era, and may ever be.

Update: This post is basically Dr. Clone Wars Takes place in The Phantom Menace And Attack of the clones. It actually took place in between Attack of the clones And Sith’s revenge And the text has been modified to reflect this. I blame Javas

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