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Example of a bat.

The New Zealanders are excited about the inclusion of the bat in this year’s event BY’s irdEar competition, A competition that clearly exists A bird’s crown Alas, it seems that a bat has taken the minds of the locals this time.

Bats are not birds. The bats are flying Mammals, for example, should be cleansed from Their lack of fur and beak. But that did not stopHe Long-tailed bat Not to mention that New Zealand (locally known as Pekpeka-to-Roya) risked the chances of charismatic creatures like takahe and kiwi, taking part in this year’s competition. kkāpō, Last year’s winner, a flying parrot That Known as bright green, chunky, and Bad about sex. There are 6 Optimistic In 2021 Competition, and the bat is the first mammal to be included.

To be fair from the bat, it is very beautiful and worthy of recognition. Bats with long tails Finger-sized with wings as wide as a human hand, and weighs less than a table spoon of sugar. They can fly at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and prefer to live in very old trees, but deforestation has taken away most of the flying mammals in their habitat and has been picked up by many invaders. Such as predators Cats, rats, possums and stots. Bats are seriously endangered.

The bat won.According to Laura Keane, spokeswoman for Forest & Bird, New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organization and organizer of the competition. Tell Keon Guardian “It’s not a predetermined conclusion, anything can happen. But definitely looking at the results, the bat is moving forward. It’s moving forward.” There were a few on Twitter Favorable For inclusion, others were adamant that “Not bats. Birds.” Even then others thought the decision had begun A slippery slope.

This is not the first time that the contest has flirted with controversy. Forests and birds last year Report That 1,500 Fake vote Thrown for a bird: small spotted kiwi (kiwi pukupuku). In this case, however, bats were allowed to enter by forest and birds. A spokesman told the Guardian that the animal was allowed to enter because it was seriously endangered and needed more attention.

Perhaps surprisingly, bats are Only New Zealand native mammals that are not semi- or completely aquatic. “Since ‘Mammal of the Year’ is going to be a very boring competition, we somehow decided to throw bats into pigeons and tear off some feathers,” Keun said. Told Halfpost.

It may seem unfair A supervisory body To imply selection A certain amount of support for a candidate, especially a candidate who does not seem to be meeting the eligibility criteria. But perhaps the systematic objection falls flat in one’s face Moral obligation to raise awareness around A critically endangered species. If You want to weigh Inside, voTing is open until October 31st.

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