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Its unexpected success follows Black hole and dragon In the late 70’s, game designers Gary Gaigax and Dave Arnason fought for a decade over who should be considered the real creator. D&D. Gaming historian John Peterson describes that struggle in his new book Game Wizards: Epic Battle for Darkness and the Dragon.

“I’ve been able to find enough sources that most of the questions were interesting to me so I can shed some light,” Peterson said in episode 469. Geek’s guide to the galaxy Podcast “Many don’t have definite answers, but I think I can draw at least one picture.”

Game Wizards That can be a shock for many D&D Fans of Peterson’s account have been widely quoted from primary sources, including letters and legal documents, many of which have portrayed Gaigax and Arneson as deeply flawed individuals. “It’s not fun to write something quite negative, in the end,” Peterson said. “But at the same time, I think it’s necessary. If you do not understand the nuances of this business and legal situation, there are reasons and effects that you do not understand. “

Peterson tried hard to treat all his characters with respect and sympathy. “Everyone made mistakes, and everyone had their arrogance and everything else,” he says. “But I think they were trying to make the best of a situation that no one expected them to be there. Suddenly they’re in it, and what are they going to do? So I hope no one comes in as a villain.”

Who should be considered as the real creator as the question Black hole and dragon, Peterson believes the game was clearly a group effort. “It’s drawing on all these different sources and experiences, and all these different inputs that went into it – whatever. Bronsteins, Whether all these different events that were going on in the time leading up to D&D, ”he said. “It’s never right for a single person to break the discovery of something with this kind of cultural significance.”

Listen to the full interview with John Peterson in its 489th episode Geek’s guide to the galaxy (Above). And see some highlights from the discussion below.

John Peterson on Dave Arnason:

“Three awards were given D&D [at the 1978 Origins Game Fair], Including the award for “Best All-Time Role-Playing Game Rules”. It’s an awards ceremony, and it’s not a huge one, but TSR The staff will go upstairs and take their trophies, and thank the people and sit back. Arnason actually took to the stage to grab the greatest role-playing rules trophy of all time and there was some controversy. Should these trophies go to a game publishing company, or to a designer? Arneson ran this whole campaign to try to convince people that such awards should go to the designers and not to the company. … But in the end there was not much sympathy for his position even among the Wargame publishers in the industry and he did not get all three trophies for himself. ”

John Peterson in Gary Gaigax:

“Gygax was great personally. Everyone who met him – before he became ‘Gary Gygax’ and everyone was angry at his success. D&DHe just commented on how much he was interested in helping, how he wanted to sit down with you and play games, help you design games, help you perfect your own rules. He was a really accommodating, outgoing, friendly guy. ই Once you start applying these skills to run a medium-sized business, where there are a lot of people now, there are many levels of management, there are processes and there is a need to agree with this group, and they need to implement this general strategy, and you have to micro-manage everything Can’t, as soon as it became such a company, he hated it. He wanted to get out. “

On John Peterson Satanic panic:

“You see people [at TSR] Some say, ‘Yes, there is everything about witchcraft, but the reason why people think magic is compulsory is because there may be something in it.’ I don’t think they mean anything more than astrology. When you read your horoscope in the newspaper, is there anything in it? Probably not, but there was a level of this background, especially from the 1970s on Crystal and New Age-ism and American waterlogged spiritualism. And I think they wanted to tap into it – or at least they were aware that it was part of the market that was there. But Gygax and Arneson are identified as Christians – firmly – so I don’t think they’re really trying to take some provocative positions about the potential truth of occultism. “

Ben Peters John Peterson:

“Ben Riggs is releasing a book that will be out next year, which is called Kill the dragon. It mostly focuses যদিও albeit not exclusively উপর on the next period Game Wizards The end… as soon as possible Game Wizards It was announced, many people who followed Ben, who knew his book was coming, were, ‘Oh my God. Does anyone want to punch you? Is Peterson trying to hide it from you? ‘ So we made a video With General This year just to say, ‘Actually, we bud. We know we’re both doing these books forever, and we’re coordinating to make sure they’re on the same page. ‘ It’s not going to be something where you ask, ‘Is Riggs right or Peterson right?’ Hopefully we’ve adjusted as much as we can. ”

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