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More than 80 Percentage of people Failed their New Year’s resolution By mid-February, and everyone must have their own contributing factor, there’s a really big reason for this: Most people set bad resolutions.

But it is possible to set the good ones.

New Year’s resolutions are, in essence, goals, which means they should be set as goals, not vague, wish-washing expectations. The key is to set good goals Then be smart: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited. In other words, your resolutions should be clearly defined, challenging but within your reach, achievable with everything you do now, and attached to a firm deadline. If you Want to write a book next year, Your resolution should not be for writing a book – it should be 1,000 words (specific, measurable, achievable, a realistic promise) every week (time limited) until you make a first draft.

Once you set such resolutions, they become much easier to stick to — especially when you use the right apps to keep you on track. Whatever your resolution, there are tools available to make it easy to achieve

Build a habit

Whether you want to make your bed, brush your teeth, cook often, or go to the gym three times a week, you need a commitment to build a habit — and an app can really help you track it.


(iOS, Mac operating system)

The idea behind it Streaks Very simple – every time you have successfully completed a habit and created a “streak” in the past, it is harder to break. It is easy to configure, uninterrupted in use, and above all, looks good.

Price: প্রতিটি 5 each for iOS and Mac apps

Way of life

(iOS, Android)

The Way of Life takes things a step further than the Streaks. In addition to creating “chains”, each habit gets a journal so that you can take notes on how things are going and there is also detailed analysis so that you can see how steadfast you are in your goal.

Price: Track up to three habits free; $ 6 for premium and unlimited practice tracking

Invoice (any distance)

During an epidemic, Running boomed. With the gym and fitness studio closed, what else could people do but juggle like in 1979? If you want to join the latest incarnation of the real fitness trends, here are a few apps for you.

C25K Instructor

(iOS, Android)

If you haven’t run since you were a kid, getting started can be really scary. Running can be really uncomfortable – especially if you push yourself too hard in the beginning.

Here’s the Couch to 5K: This is an eight-week plan that lets you do your first 5K in three 30-minute workouts per week while sitting (or walking) on ​​your couch. Although you don’t need an app to follow, C25K Trainer guides you through each run and makes it easier to keep track of your route, distance and speed.

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