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The green rod from The Simpsons.

Rode we believe! (Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.)
Screenshot: The fox

Its the latest episode Book of the dumb fat Nothing to do with Simpsons. There are no green carbon rods, donuts, or time magazine announcement. The figure above, however, will make sense if you continue reading. We just felt like we wanted to be a spoiler.As free as possible.

Image for article in this week's book, Boba Fate's The Most Hillary Cameo

Chapter Five Of Book of the dumb fat There was, again, another dive into SThe battle of Tar Toy box. Writer John Favreau and director Bryce Dallas Howard have really limited how much Star wars References they can be pressed, from Clone Wars And Phantom Menace, Per JD yield order And of course, Mandalarian. But one of the less obvious cameos that precedes it. And how difficult it is to make this new a perfect presentation Star wars The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodesDuring the time fans of “Time of Return of the Mandalarian” Jarin found himself back in the tattoo with Pelli Moto. After losing his razor crest, he needs a new ship and Pelli has one for him This is a Naboo N-1 Starfighter, which was first launched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. However, this is not the “cameo” we are talking about.

While repairing and upgrading Pelli and Mando N-1, Mando has a list of parts for Tatooine Jawas to be found. One of which the star finds quickly is called a “burning booster of cryogenic concentration.” Now, listeners probably don’t know what a cryogenic concentration combustion booster does, because it’s part of a fictional starship for an equally fictional starship, but they’ve seen it before. Here is a screenshot from Book of the dumb fat:

Pelli and Mando are rebuilding a star ship

Mando is holding a very familiar piece
Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Disney +

And Here The first time you saw one:

Han is alone holding a rod in the trash compactor

Trash compactor scene in Star Wars
Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Disney +

Yes, Han, Luke, And Leia used a cryogenic concentration combustion booster to bind the walls of the trash compactor to the Death Star. Here’s a closer look.

Han holds the rod off.

It’s the same kind of rod!
Screenshot: Lucasfilm / Disney +

Now obviously, when George Lucas filmed that scene, the rod was nothing more than a piece of rubbish. A long piece of metal that someone threw away and is now readily available to our heroes, a prop among many of the compactors. But over the decades, that property, with its distinctive bumpy cylinders around it, has become instantly recognizable. One of those things Star wars Fans may not know they know, but it burns in their brains. And so, one would guess, when coming up with the piece for N-1 Book of the dumb fat, Favreau, Howard, and perhaps producer Dave Filoni were probably like, “Is there a piece?” Star wars Garbage that fans will recognize? Oh, that thing from Trash Compactor!

Honestly, it’s not that deep. It is famous from the beginning and from all Star wars The movie, in front and in the center of a particularly famous scene. And yet, callBack to being so specific, random, unnecessary, and alEngine togetherZero was not required for this piece of inert metal to be connected to the former Star wars Movies But, since one was available, why not? Also, to make sure this episode can take as much time as you can to joke, we learned that Javas Pike stole this piece from Spice Runner. This allows Pel, for the first time in the entire episode, to talk at length about its plot. Book of the dumb fat. So when he sows the seeds of the impending war between the dumb fat and the pike, we find it really fun, cute. Star wars Cameo for a few seconds.

Then, of course, grow up with Simpsons, An important, long, skinny piece of metal makes us think Inert carbon rod from the 1994 episode “Deep Space Homer”. And that’s another dimension of fun.

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