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April 20, Apple has blown the tile business out of the water. The AirTags announcement The presented tile, founded in 2012, directly, if not better, competes for its main product line. The tile tracker, which people attach to keys, bags and bicycles, has been a hit, bringing in 40 million. Investment Sending revenues increased 50 percent this September and the first half of 2021.

However, when airtags hit stores in May of this year, Tile CEO CJ Prober Hurry up and run away At his company’s new, supersized competitor. Prober claims that Apple is a “fugitive exclusive train”, adding that when the tile “welcomes competition from Apple”, it must be Fair Competition

Tile trackers were available for purchase in the Apple Store and are no longer available, due to the alleged deterioration of previous close relationships with the way Apple restricted access to tiles on the “Find My” network. As far as Prober was concerned, Apple was coming for his lunch. Six months later, Tile has released its latest Mate, Pro, Sticker and Slim trackers. Tile Ultra, its first ultraviolet band (UWB) Tracker একই The same “Living-Room Scale GPS” technology inside Airtag আসছে Coming early next year.

Often Apple’s gateway can legitimize a sector, just as it did with smartwatches. Has it ever happened to trackers that it has jumped into that market? According to Prober, business is pink. “We have sold over 40 million tiles. Revenue increased in the first half of the year. Third-party product activation, a big focus of ours, we are over 200 percent year after year. Business is good. “

But instability remains. Prober is still unhappy with Apple and says Apple’s actions have hurt its business in a way that is hard to take. “We’re seeing really strong business momentum – despite unfair competition from Apple.” It wasn’t too long ago that you could buy tile products in the Apple Store, Prober notes. “And then, very quickly, we kicked them out of the store. They have implemented a number of changes to their platform that have undermined our experience, as they are launching their new My Find experience. Despite all this, and despite Apple’s own preference, business is good – but, frankly, it’s better if we compete fairly. “

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