Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

With her In danger, the Biden administration has announced a new series Executive action To accelerate the transformation of the United States into a clean power grid. On Wednesday, the White House said it would allocate billions for projects that would lead to the construction of more wind, solar and geothermal energy across the country.

In particular, the administration has announced that it is proceeding to lease six commercial areas off the coast of New York and New Jersey for use in wind farm projects. More than 488,000 acres of seabed are offered for the winning bidders to generate approximately 5.6 and 7 gigawatts of clean electricity. As part of the bidding process, the White House said it would encourage participants to support labor work and encourage turbine components from American manufacturers. The New York Byte Development is one of the first pillars of the Biden administration’s plan to create. .

Another notable aspect of today’s announcement is the “Better Grid in Building” initiative. পাওয়ার 65 billion for power grid upgrade pulled from Congress when it was passed by President Biden , The initiative has allocated $ 2.5 billion to finance the installation of new transmission lines. It is setting aside another বিল 3 billion for the expansion of the Smart Grid Investment Grant program, which supports projects that increase the capacity and flexibility of existing electrical infrastructure.

The administration noted that it would allocate 10 billion in grants to help state, tribal and utility companies strengthen their local transmission lines. Taken together, the investments will help modernize the country’s power grid, making it easier to transport renewable energy from remote generation sites to where it is most needed. It will also tighten the power grid As the effects of climate change worsen, they have become more common.

Today’s announcement puts the White House ahead of a meaningful climate policy, if the Biden administration has the opportunity to meet the president’s ambitious goals. , It needs to bypass the legislation gridlock that is left Hell. Much will depend on whether the White House persuades West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to support the nearly $ 1.75 trillion climate and social spending bill.

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