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In this scene from The Expanse, Naomi Nagata (Dominic Tipper) looks at a screen in the spaceship Rokinante.

Holden has something to say to Naomi.
Screenshot: Amazon Studio

In the meantime we A clip from “Redout” has been sharedThe upcoming fourth episode of ExpansionOf The sixth and final season– Revealing how Amos (Wes Chatham) Feedback to find out the truth about A certain very big moment in the third episode. Now it’s time for Naomi (Dominic Tipper) To hear what happened directly from the person responsible for that moment: Holden (Steven Strait).

This exclusive clip features an article in The Expansion entitled Power Couple Faces New Conflict.

We’ve already set up the Amos clip with some similar topics, but you’ll remember that during the three episodes, “Force projection, “The Rosinante Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), the number one-belt rebel of the galaxy’s universal enemy, was able to render the ship occupied by the dead ship in the water. But when it was a zillion chance to take him for good in the end Rocks Killed shots, the missile landed perfectly … then turned. At least, all the characters who thought কিন্তু but We viewers see Holden turn the disarmament switch upside down at the last second, saving the terrified Marco but with Marco’s teenage son Naomi, Philip (Jasai Chase Owens).

Now, there are Holden and Naomi A surprisingly strong relationship Which survives test after test, is always surrounded by ongoing chaos. But how will he react to what he has done? Watch and find this clip.

“Philip looks a lot like you” is 100 percent correct.Expansion Casting is always top notch, but Owens and Tipper seem legitimate as they may be related in real life — so you can understand why Holden was inclined to save him. But you can’t blame Naomi for feeling instantly angry at her decision. What will happen next in the conversation between these two? “Force Projection” will be releasing the rest on Amazon Prime tomorrow.

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