Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

If you live in a city where rideshare scooters are available, you may have had someone jeep while walking on the sidewalk. This is a problem that local governments around the world have been pushing for mobility agencies to address from day one. And after working on the problem since 2019, Bird thinks there is a solution.

Collaborate with a firm called , The company has developed a custom multi-sensor and GPS module that says it is much more accurate than other solutions when it comes to detecting when someone drives a scooter on the sidewalk. When you drive a bird scooter equipped with a sidewalk module, it will make an audible sound and send a notification to your smartphone. The car will also stop slowly and smoothly.

Bird is testing the technology in Milwaukee and San Diego and plans to bring it to Madrid and other cities in the future.

For the birds, coming to this point is a long journey. At one point, the company tried to use AI-assisted cameras to detect sidewalks but they presented two problems. One, they would add a fragile material to a vehicle that was already frequent . Two, training in machine learning software that will power those cameras will prove difficult to see on road infrastructure in different countries. According to Bird, the advantage of this latest solution is that it is a solution that can be implemented on a scale without worrying about weather or vandalism.

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