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Bose’s introduction Cool Cool 35 II The headphones came back in 2017, and despite the star’s debut Bose 700 Model in 2019, the company had its QC line steadfast Not going away. Now there is a proper replacement of QC35 II: Quiet Peace 45. Bose says these headphones “retain the features of their predecessors” when it comes to audio quality, comfort, reliable control and much more. As you can see, the QC45 also retains almost the same design as the QC35 and QC35 II without some subtle changes. And at $ 329.95, they will debut at a lower price than the previous two QuietComfort models.

Although the company took an updated look for the Bose for00, it basically retained the aesthetics of the QuietComfort line for the QC45. Bose says it kept the design elements that made the QC35 and QC35 II “a recognizable classic”, but it released the earpad plates and closed some gaps to create a “smooth transition”. You should still expect these to be light and comfortable as no changes will affect Quettcomfort’s highly respected status as a travel companion. The QC45 still folds flat for ear storage, thanks to the rotated earcup and a hinged headband back.


Inside where there are the most significant changes. Bose says it has improved sound insulation with a combination of internal and external microphones associated with the “proprietary digital chip”. The company explains that this setup can detect and mute mid-range frequencies মতো like the roar of a train, office, or coffee shop যখন when you enable silent mode. QuietComfort 45 has a conscious setting that provides complete clarity to your environment. Unlike other Bose models, there is no level adjustment for active noise cancellation (ANC), you will only get the two mentioned modes separately.

These two audio settings are accessible via QC45’s on-board controls. The left earcup has a dedicated button for them that can mike the mic when making a call. Key functions – volume, play / pause, voice assistant, power and pairing – on the right. Like previous models, they have all the physical buttons instead of touch controls, so they should be made reliably.

Bose has also extended battery life with the QuietComfort 45. The company says you can expect up to 24 hours of listening time on a charge. This is from 20 hours on QC35 II. A fast-charging feature will give you three hours of listening time in 15 minutes and a QC45 charge via a USB-C cable.

The QuietComfort 45 headphones Available in black and light gray color options September 23 at 32 329.95. Pre-order starts from today.

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