Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Boston Dynamics’ Spot dog Learning some new behaviors that will help the robot adapt to the real world. The company has Delivery A release 3.0 update that helps Spot do its job without human intervention. Most notably, it can dynamically re-plan routes – robot inspections will run smoothly even if someone inadvertently leaves a forklift.

The upgraded spot can also handle human-free scheduled missions and is smart enough to automatically plan routes when choosing the actions you want to perform. The robot will help you notice when something goes wrong. It uses visual recognition to take pictures at the same angle every time, and human viewers can handle spot notices with computer vision, such as gauge readings and live reviews of heat changes.

If you don’t have $ 74,500-plus to spend on a spot of your own, these updates won’t cost much. They show how the signature canon of Boston Dynamics is evolving, though, and explain how such robots can help in real life – they are increasingly useful for work where it would be unrealistic (or just a hassle) for humans to take action.

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