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Rosa Salazar in brand new cherry flavor

Rosa Salazar in brand new cherry flavor
Pictures: Netflix

Netflix has dropped the official trailer for the supernatural horror limited series Brand new cherry flavor Which It will premiere on the August 1 streamer. The show is inspired by Todd Grimson’s novel of the same name and stars Rosa Salazar (Alita: Angel of war, Manny Jacinto (Good place), Buying Catherine (Get out), And Jeff Ward (Slope Char). Show-runner Nick Antoska (Channel Zero) and Leno Sion (Billions) Will also write the show.

The series took place in 1990’s LA-Hollywood, to be specific. Filmmaker Lisa Ann Nova (Salazar) is a wide-eyed young woman who is looking to enter the film industry. He meets Hollywood producer Lou Burke, who promises to help him get the connections he needs to become a big-time director. If he betrays Lu Lisa, the hundred will come down and his goal will be to get revenge. To do this, he asks Hex Luke, a witch, and turns his life into a living hell. But as you know, it always comes at a cost.

Here is the official summary of the picture, which it describes better than me.

“Lisa Ann Nova (Rosa Salazar) came to LA Dead Set to direct her first movie. But when she believes the wrong person and stabs her in the back, everything turns upside down and a dream project turns into a two night dream. In this special two night dream zombie, hitman , Has a supernatural kitten and a mysterious tattoo artist who likes to curse people, and Lisa has to figure out some mysteries from her own past so she can survive.

Zombies, witches and kids ?! Wonder how Antosca and Sion that combo works? To get a sense of the intense insanity of this show, watch the trailer. Let us know what you think!

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