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Members The anti-government Buglu movement Members told Al Jazeera that the US government was adopting a new strategy aimed at ending it.

In order to encourage the withdrawal of the people from the political and economic system under the auspices of the United States government, the followers have called for cooperation with the leftist organization, which is considered to be the first opposition.

The political philosophy is based on “agriculture”, it is the blood of the tax fund government through “counter-economy”, in compliance with the laws and orders given to the voters.

The desired outcome: the collapse of the U.S. government through “death by a thousand cuts.”

The move marks a rift between Buglu’s bases that prevents the government and white nationalist members who tried violently to start a new civil war in protest of last summer’s Black Lives Matter.

Magnus Panvidia, a vocal Buglu member who works to bolster left and right-wing opposition groups, told Al Jazeera “Agora’s idea … the practice you talk to almost everyone” in Buglu.

Panvidya not only identified him as an “anarchist”, but said his “actions and goals brought too much pressure from agriculture”.

He publicly told members of the group, known as the Buglu Bois, that “there is no problem in breaking the law in order to perform what they are doing”, exchanging goods on the gray market without government supervision, which is “popping”. Across the Buglu network to sell “equipment”. Tax evasion is also encouraged.

Get used to it

The Buglu movement made its mark in the summer of 2020, when men dressed in Hawaiian shirts carrying AR-1-style guns began to appear in protest of the Black Lives Matter. May 25 George Floyd dies.

The group attracted white nationalists who hoped that the nationwide protest movement could start a “bugle” – a term for the Second American Civil War, born in the online meme culture – that would transform into a nation war.

According to the monitoring team of online forums and chat groups and reviews by Al Jazeera, those elements remain. But Panvidya says they have been removed from the Buglu movement.

In Richmond, Virginia, Buglu stood on the sidewalk of Boise 9 Street in support of January 18, 1821, Lobby Day. The day is an opportunity for citizens to use their one-day vacation time to meet with their legislators. [File: John C Clark/AP Photo]

Panidya sadly, half of the Buglu movement is “Libertarian with a big ‘L'”, referring to the political party that supports the limited government and “then the rest of us are just a wide spread of various forms of anarchism”, Panvid sad.

The Buglu movement has been decentralized, making it difficult to predict the popularity of peasants in the movement.

According to data tracked by the Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT), a tool designed to track conversations and key terms on social media and messaging platforms, “Agora” has seen similar spikes across Telegram and Reddit since the Black Lives Matter protest began.

SMAT tracking encrypted chat application shows daily uses of ‘Agora’ in Telegram over time [SMAT]

Including services used by Buglu Social media platform Anti-censorship meme, and encrypted messaging services cannot be tracked by keybase SMAT.

Panvidya attributes the rise of anarchist thought to political discontent on both sides of the political alphabet in the United States.

“You got the Tea Party and Donald Trump on the right and then you got it [Senator] Barney Sanders and AOC [Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] On the left. And then when things didn’t improve dramatically … you saw people radicalize for a long time.

“Everyone Wants their own CHAZ,Panvidya continued, referring to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Region, the area taken over by anti-apartheid protesters in Seattle, during nationwide protests against police brutality.

Smart Tracking shows the daily uses of ‘Agora’ over time on Reddit [SMAT]

“The creation of autonomous spaces from government influence was certainly growing within the movement and was motivated to work with it. Anti-fascist Organizations, ”says Panvidya.

Right and left

Panvidya wants cooperation. He invited leftist leaders and activists to discuss the issue through social media, and appeared on their left-wing populist Jimmy Dore’s YouTube channel about the similarities of beliefs such as anti-apartheid and LGBT support.

But the ideological valley between left and right anarchists is deep. Both want a stateless society, but their methods of achieving it are opposed.

Anarcho-capitalists follow what they see as the ultimate in the United States Liberalism. They want to privatize all products and services while keeping labor and markets intact.

On January 17, 2021, a protester in Salem, Oregon, was wearing a Hawaiian shirt outside the Oregon State Capitol and carrying a flag with a Hawaiian flower print on a strip, both symbols associated with the Buglu movement. [File: Noah Berger/AP Photo]

Most left-wing anarchists see the end of wage labor and the private ownership of certain products as inseparable. They basically don’t want “counter-economic” markets to be part of their route to end the state.

But Derrick Bros., a farmer working on the biography of Samuel III Edward Conkin, who set the standard in the 1970s, told Al Jazeera that agriculture was born out of a “desire to tap into both left and right.” .

Broze explained that some left-wing anarchists allowed for the market, and Conkin believed that counter-economics would work for the feminist and black liberation movement.

Yet, the ideology appeals more and more to “American liberals,” he said. Bros. does not see himself as an anarcho-capitalist, but many peasants do.

For leftists and anti-apartheid activists, Kankin’s relationship with Liberal Murray Rothbird is also a matter of concern.

Rothbard coined the term “anarcho-capitalism” and was its founder Ludwig von Myges Institute, Which the Southern Poverty Law Center described as “neo-organized.”

Conkin also served on the board of the Institute for Historical Review, known for Holocaust revisionism.

Broze said Conkin was sharing these views and said it was an “unjust association”. Al Jazeera’s review of Conkin’s available writings did not find examples of racism or heresy, although it was not clear.

According to a person who works with the anarchist media platform It’s Going Down (IGD), he spoke on condition of anonymity because of these and other ideological divisions, such as support for the right-wing. Kyle Rittenhouse, Teenager shoots down anti-apartheid protesters in Wisconsin Left anarchists And Buglu

When asked if anti-fascist organizations were working with Bugalu, the envoy responded: “I would say, obviously, no.”

Panavidya has pointed to Buaglu’s presence at Blue Lives Matter protests, especially in Louisville, where they say they have provided protection for nearby protests. Brecona Taylor dies.

Buglu believes the story of their first martyr, Duncan Lamp, is similar to Taylor’s. Two people were killed by the police at that time No knock-outs. Three Percent is said to have been involved in the militia, the day before Temple was shot in Louisville, Potomac, Maryland, in 1220, 1220.

Lamp was in bed when police opened fire on his home, his family and supporters claimed, and police say the shots were fired as officers approached.PDF).

Rees Chenalt, an organizer of BLM Louisville, told Al Jazeera that there was no cooperation with the Buglu movement and claimed that they were not present at the protest.

Regarding Bugalu’s move to work with leftist organizations, Chanalt said that “it is difficult for those on the left and the kind of right to claim to be in the same organization.”

Panvid said Buglu’s collaboration with other groups is “less about affiliation and more about what you say to yourself” and “about your ideals and what you want to achieve” in some parts of the country where we work with BLM and fight with us. Three percent is spectacular and then there are other places where the local BLM section hates us and we work with the local three percent. “

He concluded: “The field of acceptable ideas is much wider than many people.”

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