The CEO of Ferrari has promised an EV in 2025

There is already a Ferrari Car made with hybrid powertrain, But its time Annual General Meeting This week, acting CEO John Elkan told investors in prepared remarks (PDF) That manufacturers will unveil the “first electric Ferrari” in 2025 Will not create any EV, Will be the first with an electronic supercaAnd, or it’s an electronic Ferrari Will not come after 2025.


We are going to implement our electrification strategy in a highly disciplined manner. And our interpretation and application of these technologies in both motor sports and road cars is a huge opportunity to bring the uniqueness and passion of Ferrari to the new generation.

As you might expect, we started by setting the bar high. Using the way we know from motor racing, we have created great technological achievements and driving experiences that are our hybrid cars SF90 Straddle and SF90 Spider. They have the very best Ferrari tradition in terms of both its styling and its acting.

We are very excited about our first all-electric Ferrari that we plan to unveil in 2025 and you can be sure that the engineers and designers at Marinello will be something that can be imagined for such a sign in our history. So, in this exciting decade of drastic change we see that in each case more and more ways are opened up to push the boundaries of excellence and emotion to new levels.

In the Sustainability Report published at the same time (PDF), Ferrari explains how it will account for new body styles, including “hybrid and electric powertrains”, as well as the upcoming Porsangu SUV. May account for, but it also works on the designs of the front mid-engine cars that have a “high range” between comfort and sport.

Ferrari has also touched on autonomous driving technology and although the company does not plan to build self-driving vehicles, it will “adopt some features of autonomous driving technology in regulatory development and customer preferences, especially in the GT department.”

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