The channel speakers at this Pioneer center are now selling for just $ 80

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A home theater setup is incomplete without a proper sound system, but not everyone has the space or interest to configure a complex, multi-speaker system for movie-quality audio. The good news is, you don’t need to: a center channel speaker is a simple upgrade that can overwhelm your TV’s built-in drivers and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Case Point: Pioneer PSP-C22 Center Channel Speaker Designed by Andrew Jones, which is . Designed for both professional and indoor recreation enthusiasts, the PSP-C22 houses structurally arranged surface wafers and twitters inside a molded, curved cabinet and a balanced mix of high, low and mid-range frequencies.

The second generation of the line is improving the predecessor (C21) by reducing the size of the device without hindering the effectiveness of the degree. It features a specially engineered, soft-domed tweet and a huge magnetic four-inch driver, as well as a six-component crossover network that blends all the sound into one clear audio experience.

What is the difference? All of these design choices have vocal clarity in pronunciation, which means you’ll never miss an important conversation in your movie or show, even if you’re enjoying thunderous music and special audio effects.

Although the PSP-C22 can perform solo, it is suitable as a center channel in a large home theater system. So whether you’re upgrading from your TV’s built-in audio or can’t find a co-worker to setup the sound around you, Must make a welcome addition.

If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade to your home theater audio setup, the Pioneer PSP-C22 is

Subject to price change.

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