The Chevrolet will build an electric Silvarado with a range of 400 miles

GM has invested billions in it Altium EV platform, So you can expect the automaker to use the technology to electrify models across its brands. One of the vehicles that will have an electric version soon is the Silverrado pickup truck, General Motors President Mark Reus Announcement. He further revealed that the electrified pickup will be built at GM’s new factory Zero along with the recently announced Hummer EV.

The automaker says the electric Silverrado was designed as an electric vehicle from the ground up and will be available in retail and fleet versions. It will be able to save 400 miles on a single charge – at least based on GM’s estimates. This may vary depending on the EPA rating, but if the car can really go 400 miles without the need to recharge, its limit competitors Tesla 2020 Long-Range Plus Model S..

Reus said in a statement:

“Vehicles from Factory Zero will change the world and how the world will view electric vehicles,” Reus said. “GMC Hummer EV SEV joins its stable in the real supercars state and will receive everything Chevrolet Chevy’s loyal truck buyers love. About Silverrado – and much more – and put it in an electric pickup that will delight retail and commercial customers alike.”

GM has not released much details about the upcoming Silverrado EV, but according to Autblog, Its production will start at the end of 2022. Further, it will be available as a 2024 model in early 2022. Factory Zero, where the vehicle will be built, is GM’s Detroit-Hamtramac assembly plant. Car manufacturer Investment In the 2.2 billion facility, especially so that it can make various-electric trucks and SUVs. In addition to the Silverrado EV and Hummer EV, which will begin production later this year, GMO will also build Cruise source (A self-propelled electric shuttle van) at the factory.

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