The Colon Colonial Oil Pipeline threatens to fuel Cyberattack East Coast

Hackers are threatening the East Coast Example of the headline article, they are not trying to get anyone in trouble

Pictures: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)

Over the weekend, a cybertech from the Russian-based ransom agency Gang Darkside was able to hand over America’s largest oil pipeline, the Colon colony, threatening to cut off significant energy flows along the east coast.

Cross Bloomberg News, The team carried out an estimated 100GB of data from the company’s IT network in just two hours on Thursday. The attack was a part of what is known as aDouble extortion project, ”A tactic used by criminal gangs to steal and then threaten to leak significant amounts of information from a high-value target in an attempt to extort money from victims. Apparently an alliance of non-governmental organizations with large government agencies such as the FBI, NSA, and CISA To stop working together More information is being stolen from.

The Biden administration acknowledged the attack to the president on Monday I am calling the incident A “criminal law, obviously.” Biden also said he planned to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the attack and would encourage him to “take some responsibility for dealing with it.”

Like all dishonest traders, members of DarkSite have tried to influence their victims that the attack was purely business, and nothing personal. On Monday, a statement published on the gang’s website emphasized that their “goal was to make money” and that they were not interested in “creating problems for society”. The team said:

We are political, we do not participate in geopolitics, we do not need to hold a defined government [sic] And explore our other purposes. Our goal is to make money, and not to create problems for society. From today we introduce restraint and verify every organization that our partners want to encrypt to avoid future social consequences.

Ekhram Ahmed of the security agency Checkpoint Research said the group was first known in August when it originally grew up last summer. Darkside operates through a ransomware-as-a-service model, through which it sells its malware to authorized groups who use it in attacks. This malware has been used in previous attacks against other power companies. “What we do know is that conducting large-scale operations like the colonial pipeline reveals a sophisticated and well-planned cyber attack,” said Lotem Finkelstein, head of the threat intelligence department at Checkpoint.

Do you think it will be harder to stand still in a year that has seen a true glimpse of cybernetax, each seemingly more disastrous than the next (see: Solar winds, Microsoft Exchange, The PulsvPN Attack and much more). Yet Darkside was able to do just that – both with the power of a Batman villain to provoke a coastal energy crisis and to apologize for the inconvenience or whatever caused it.

As catastrophic as the incident may be for the colony, it is probably a boon to current and ongoing efforts to advance U.S. cyber policy. The political implications of the attack are likely to reinforce the argument that the United States needs to adopt a more aggressive, proactive, and organized approach to tracking and fighting cybercriminal groups – members of the cyber community – Lobbied For some time.

After all, an alliance of private sector companies Led to charge To help mitigate the controversy created by security professionals, the solution to this attack will be an overall alliance between the public and private sectors.

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