Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

There is the US Department of Commerce Cyber ​​penetration is related to the export and resale of software. Once the 90-day limit is enforced, companies wishing to sell their hacking tools “in countries of national security or genocidal concern” must obtain a license from the Department of Industry and Security (BIS). The policy also covers countries under US arms embargo.

Per , The rules are complicated. There are already many restrictions on the export of penetration software. Similarly, companies have the opportunity to find exceptions. The bottom line is that the policy will cover software sales in countries like China and Russia. It will also restrict the sale of programs such as NSO’s Pegasus spyware, which some governments have used. .

The Commerce Department said, “The U.S. government opposes the misuse of technology to conduct human rights abuses or other malicious cyber activities, and these new rules will help ensure that U.S. companies do not fuel authoritarian practices.”

Among the 42 countries involved , An agreement that sets voluntary export controls over military and dual-use technology, the latest in the United States to impose restrictions on the sale of hacking software. Part of the reason is that the country has spent years working on rules to prevent cybersecurity researchers around the world from working together to discover new flaws.

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