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Climate activists and members of the indigenous community gathered in the river for the Tijhabi water ceremony and marched in protest of the construction of the Enbridge Line pipeline.

Climate activists and members of the indigenous community gathered in the river to hold a water festival and marched in protest of the construction of the Enbridge Line Pipeline.
Pictures: Kerem Usel / AFP (Getty Images)

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Thursday said it was ordering Enbridge Energy will pay .. 3.3 million for the loss A sensitive aquatic During construction Controversial line pip pipeline. It turns out that water conservatives may be one of the few who oppose the pipeline.

A Release, DNR says it Enbridge had to pay the price “Failure to comply with environmental laws” A site near the Clearbrook Terminal in Clearwater County, Minnesota. The DNR said it had determined that Enbridge had violated a law that made it a crime to change or appropriate state water without proper permission and The case has been referred to the Clearwater County Attorney for possible prosecution.

“DNR is committed to its role as regulator of this project and takes seriously our responsibility to protect and manage natural resources,” DNR Commissioner Sarah Strowman said in a statement. “Enbridge’s actions are a clear violation of state law and public trust. This should never have happened, and we are holding the company fully accountable. ”

According to the DNR, Enbridge violated its official construction plan and dug a trench about 8 feet (2.4 m). This is deeper than what the state was told. This, in turn, violates a wetland and causes groundwater to flow into the trenches. The area in which Enbridge was operating was a particularly sensitive wetland area known as the Calcareous Fence. A DNR factsheet It is described as a “rare and unique” area “Upward reliance on uninterrupted supply of groundwater.” Violations, DNR reports, have resulted 24.2 million gallons of groundwater is flowing Aquatic

THe returns to the groundwater leak in January. Enbridge did not notify DNR of the leak, though, But state-appointed independent monitors have noticed “Unusual amount of water in trenches” at the Clearwater site. Because those monitors did not have access to Enbridge’s construction plan, however, they did not know that this water was the so-called result. The DNR only identified the problem in June and began an investigation during discussions with violation monitors.

The Line 3 project actually replaces an older pipeline, but took a new path through Minnesota, cutting off several contracts between the Fund du Lac reservation and the Ojibway band. This part of the pipeline has been hotly contested because tribal groups claim their rights are being violated and the pipeline is threatening their land and water. Indigenous protesters have rallied in the wake of the “Water for Life” rally, one of which Main site Where the organizers have given their opposition note that they “Protect the water and our future generations.

Although pipeline resistance has been building up year after year, it is Really picked this year as the Enbridge project is nearing completion. Hundreds of people have been arrested during protests against Line 3 since the beginning of the summer alone, while There are occasional local authorities Worked hand in hand With Enbridge to suppress the opposition. Earlier this month, Minnesota state troops were arrested 70 protesters in one demonstration Outside the governor’s palace, as the state is considering Criminalizing pipeline protests.

Environmentalists have also questioned whether the state and federal governments have done enough to approve the project, which, if completed, would transport and lock in 60,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Canada’s tar sandfields to the United States. The use of fossil fuels for the next few decades.

When Joe Biden takes office, advocates see an opportunity for him to close the project or At least More environmental orders Evaluation. But in June, the Biden administration Has taken amazing steps Asking the court to drop indigenous allegations against the line against And project approval To move forward, effectively put the weight of the federal government behind the pipeline. The type of accident that happened in January, lawyers sayThat is why the Biden administration has to intervene.

“Enbridge is a rogue corporation based in the U.A.S. Minnesota has lost the most precious water in history and now during the construction of the Line 3 Sand Pipeline, ”said Winona Laduk, executive director of Honor the Earth and one of the most visible figures in the Line 3 resistance movement. “Before any oil enters this hastily built new pipeline, the Biden administration will finally do its basic due diligence if a full environmental impact statement (EIS) is required.And protect our shared climate– More tar sand asks the U.S. Army Corps for a full EIS before crude oil flows.

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