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ক্রিপ্টো কোম্পানি শিরোনামের নিবন্ধের ছবিটি দুর্ঘটনাক্রমে ব্যবহারকারীদের 90০ মিলিয়ন ডলার দেয়, ভদ্রভাবে এটি ফেরত চাওয়াPictures: Ozan Kos / AFP (Getty Images)

If someone accidentally deposits millions of dollars into your bank account, what are your chances? Give it? What if the sender asks you? Really Beautifully?

Users of the popular Decentralized Finance (DFI) stacking protocol have this problem. Compound Currently encountered in recent days, the platform accidentally deposits crypto arbitrarily into the accounts of some users. The total pay-outs distributed through a bug in a company update are now about $ 89 million. As a result, the platform’s CEO and founder, Robert Lesnar, is begging for a refund.

Lesnar took to Twitter on Thursday to ask users to return the millions of dollars that had been wrongly distributed, and even suggested that those who returned the funds could keep “10%” as a reward for doing the right thing. If users do not return the money, Lesnar threatened, it would be “reported as IRS revenue and most of you doxed.”

The compound is a Cryptography platform, Allows both investors and orrow recipients to exchange assets without the traditional traditional services of a bank. Such platforms have been identified as risky – due to the lack of regulatory protection controlling traditional banking services – and this recent episode seems to show why.

The money was apparently leaked through a mistake that was supposed to be a standard upgrade of the compound’s smart contract (which contracts are used to facilitate crypto transactions). Instead, certain users were flooded with “too many” COMP-platforms due to the reported error Native crypto token. For example, a person, They claim About 20 20 million was donated to the comp.

Platforms like Compound have come up with this kind of thing before. In May, the cryptocurrency provider blocked Sent by mistake Bitcoin demanded about 20 20 million from its users and later returned it. A few days later, another donor, Alecmics, Have encountered similar problems.

Lechner later backed out by threatening Docs users who would not return the funds:Calling The idea is “the head of the bone.” This was probably a smart move, since doxing is basically Considered a huge betrayal Within the crypto community, industry privacy, confidentiality and security principles are given.

Those as financial experts Talked to CNBC It seems that the recipients of the payment have no legal requirement to return it.

Interestingly, users seem to be going with the CEO’s request to return a decent amount of funds, as Lesnar can be seen thanking different people on Twitter:

Yes, 0x2e4a, good sir, I salute you too. If someone sends me 20 million, the first order of my business would be to avoid all avenues, such as the nearest ATM – or the nearest crypto exchange. We reached out to the compound to comment on this whole situation and will update our story if they respond.

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