The CVC has called on Michigan to stop jumping in the case of Kovid

The head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called on the Michigan governor to shut down the state without requesting more vaccines as a way to control the sudden outbreak of coronavirus cases.

Rochelle Walensky, The CDC The director said Monday that he should impose new restrictions to tackle the rapid spread of the disease in Michigan, adding that bumper supplies of the vaccine could arrive too late to prevent the problem from escalating.

His remarks marked a rare political intervention by the U.S. public health agency, which has yet to issue guidelines, and states are happy to set their own lockdown rules. They also reflect growing tensions between Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of the state, and the federal government over how a regional leap could be made. Experts warned that in all cases there could be enough people to spread across the country. Vaccinated To stop it

Walensky said: “The answer is to close things, go back to our basics, go back to where we were last spring, last summer and close things, flatten the curves, reduce contact with each other, the amount of To check what is available, to contact the trace.

“Sometimes you can’t even do it to the best of your ability. But, in fact, what we need to do in this situation is to put things off.

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He added: “I think if we try to vaccinate ourselves against what is happening in Michigan, we will be disappointed that the vaccine has taken so long to be effective.”

Last year, many Democrats praised Whiter for imposing a lockdown even in the face of public attacks by former President Donald Trump.

In recent days, however, he has urged schools to abandon private tuition and youth sports, but has not instructed them to do so, resisting calls to take some action from them.

Instead, the Democratic governor has called on the federal government to provide his state with a larger allocation of vaccine doses in the coming weeks.

He said over the weekend: “We have a few strong policies: we’re seeing an intensification in Michigan, despite our mask orders, power limits, working from home.

“Even after all that, we see an excitement because of this variation. And that’s exactly why we’re really encouraging them to think about increasing vaccines in the state of Michigan. “

Nearly 1,000,000 people in Michigan confirmed the disease on Saturday The most recent number From the state health department – close to the record high set last year. The number of hospitalizations due to the virus is close to the record level, when 4,117 people died of the disease. Increased Around 15 to 45 per day. The population of the state is about 10 m.

The move comes in the case of states as countries accelerate their immunization programs. About 4.6m people Was vaccinated In the United States on Saturday – a daily record – nearly half of the adult population now received at least one dose.

Health officials believe that the success of the vaccine rollout can make even vulnerable people feel extra confident about the pace of the disease. Doctors in Michigan say people filling out their wards are younger than the previous wave.

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