The Dark Web is now interesting with lists of vaccines

A businessman Get yours Vaccine appointment? For just $ 500, you can get a Cavid-19 vaccine dose tomorrow (overnight shipping not included). Too rich for your blood? How about a vaccine card for only 150?

Security researchers have found a spike in the lists The Dark Web Marketplace in recent weeks. The sites advertise false vaccine certificates and negative test results from vaccine doses. Currently, more than 1,200 List A providers are offering Vaccines are differentIncluding Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sputnik and Synoform.

Investigators from the security agency Checkpoint have been monitoring the sites since January for Covid-19-related activity, and they Report The number of such activities has tripled in the last three months. It is not clear whether the doses are valid and even if they were, there is no guarantee that the pulses have been stored at the right temperature, they are probably useless.

Last week, researchers at a checkpoint in Israel tried to buy the synoform vaccine from a vendor, said Ekram Ahmed, a spokesman for the agency. “We have tried to buy the Chinese vaccine through a vendor,” he told Ars. The team sent a message to the seller, who instructed them to continue the discussion Telegram. Once there, the vendors reassured that the doses of the vaccine were valid. The researchers sent a 500 Bitcoin Wallet, and they got a FedEx shipping label, they haven’t received the invoice yet.

Dark web sellers are probably doing better business selling fake vaccine cards and negative test results. “Lately, we’re seeing more vaccines than vaccines,” Ahmed said. “This is probably a two to one ratio.”

With the COVID-19 test taking on a more comprehensive size, negative test results cost less than $ 25 as low vaccine cards come in tougher and are selling for around 200 200 more. These certificates are becoming a variety of passports, so that people could not move within a few months. In the United States, proof of vaccination can give people access to certain places and employers may require their employees to return to the workplace.

Researchers have warned Europol about the list and are communicating with others today.

Ahmed, a spokesman for Checkpoint, said the vendors they contacted in the dark web market were hoping to establish long-term relationships with their customers. The target market, he said, is the people on the ground, the people spread out in large numbers locally and want to sell. “

This story originally appeared Ars Technica.

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