The deadly frame is coming back but as a Pachinko machine

Seven years later The most recent deadly frame game, Dear Survival Horror Series is coming back again. But there is a twist. You can’t play the latest avatar on any console, PC or phone. Instead, to get a new deadly frame fix, you have to go the way of Japan Pachinko Parlor at some point in the future

Marked by a trailer Kotaku Giving a peek into a few cutscenes that players may encounter while playing the Pachinko machine. Proper caution: there is a fear of some jump in front.

The Deadly Frame series debuted on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, bringing a new perspective to the survival horror genre. Your only weapon to prevent ghosts is a camera. There has been no new game in the series since 2014 Deadly Frame: Black Water Girl. Would it be a revival that has been a long time ago, but as a spooky slot machine? Most fans probably didn’t think it was.

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