The developers are keeping the spirit of Hong Kong alive through games

“It also has the power to keep this truth alive, and to spin people’s opinions,” said Jerry, one of the four developers who worked. Will’s name, Who does not like to have his full name made public due to security concerns. “We hope to remind the people that what you have been told by the government may not be true. You have to be your own. “

Created by Zeitgeist Will’s name First and foremost, he says, for the enjoyment of the player. But “let the international community experience the consciousness of our generation in Hong Kong.” Through online promotion, Zitzist has raised 25 25,000 on Kickstarter for his game – mostly from the Hong Kongers. The team almost doubled what they expected and they are a good example of the helpful attitude they want the world to taste.

Set in a darker, darker and more terrifying world like the future version of Hong Kong – police officers are presented as dogs, those who remain aponal are pigs (almost everyone), and protesters look like cockroaches – all bags commonly used in Hong Kong and directly inspired Become Animal farm, Says Dev Dal.

“If our game can influence at least one person to continue to have the courage to fight, we may be able to change the world a little bit,” said Mandy, another member of Gendjist.

“We are trying to paint a general picture of how dictatorship shapes society. You will see HAP’s setting, living under surveillance, the same thing that is happening in mainland China, “said Mandy, referring to the government’s facial recognition technology, digital surveillance, and even point-based personality ratings. “It simply came to our notice then. There are many countries that have similar experiences. We’re just trying to give an experience of what it’s like to live under a dictator and what life in Hong Kong in particular is like. “

Through the moral dilemma and tough decisions that affect the progress and completion of the game, the developers hope to not only give you an exciting gaming experience, but also make you think about how to live your life.

Migaki, who wants to remain anonymous due to anxiety over being harassed, shares the attitude. He is an independent developer who recently raised about 15 15,000 a month from supporters of the democracy movement, all of which are funded to develop his game. Datura’s legacy. The game is the story of a fictional 2D fantasy inspired by a demonstration in Hong Kong, where the Mig is hopeful it will preserve memories of key events over the past few years. With anticipation of release in 2022, he hopes to spread the story of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement to viewers that it has not reached otherwise. Inside Datura’s inheritance, The player will be in parallel universes, among all the different versions of Hong Kong, to fight the cops and throw magic fireballs at the bad guys.

However, it was not initially structured in this way. In early 2019, “When I first started planning the game, it wasn’t about protests,” Migaki told Wired. “Because they haven’t happened yet.”

“Now, I’m trying to create a story that encourages people in Hong Kong to do what they want to do,” he says. “Whatever it is, they can continue to fight for their dreams, whatever they are, they can continue to fight for their lives. I just want them to remember why they do certain things. “

The game features a fantasy-feed version of the 2019 mass protests and In Demo Currently available to the public, the player has been dropped within one of the scheduled moments of the movement: THe is Yuan Long Attack, Or 721 events. It may not mean much to you, but the pro-democracy Hong Kongers mean everything.

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