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On January 7, 2022, people walk through the snow on the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan.

On January 7, 2022, people walk through the snow on the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan.
Pictures: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

Hopefully if you are in the Northeast you are not planning to enjoy your long weekend. Some of the coldest weather of the year is expected to hit the region on Friday night, followed by a hurricane that will hit the east coast.

This extremely harsh weather will create dangerous, possibly life-threatening situations. Looking out of my window at the empty branches trembling in the trembling wind through New York and looking at the photos coming out of the Midwest, where the storm system that will explode the East Coast is currently churning.

You can see depending on where you live Bone-chilling cold, heavy snow, snow, rain, or some or all of these dangers! It’s really a great weekend to watch curl up and play some football. Come with me to see what you have for the next day So you can plan your trip to the grocery store and go back accordingly.

The cold is going to cover the northeast

According to the National Weather Service, the entire Northeast from Maine to Pennsylvania is experiencing “dangerously cold winds” for Friday night. In areas near the Canadian border and in the mountains from Maine to New York, the air temperature may be as low as minus -45 degrees Fahrenheit (minus -43 degrees Celsius). Major cities, such as Boston and New York, will also experience colder temperatures, with temperatures in Boston hovering around minus -20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus -29 degrees Celsius). NWS helpful note that Cold levels can freeze up to 30 minutes for any exposed skin.

The source of the cold is an Arctic front that will come screaming from the northwest before the storm. This will kick the wind and at the same time lower the temperature. Temperatures are forecast to drop in Boston Friday afternoon to Saturday 40 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) In the morning even as they rebound on Saturday, The wind will still conspire to make things feel like single-numbered weather outside.

Snow is already hitting the Midwest

The storm, which made landfall on the east coast, is now making a comeback in the Midwest. Dakota and the Upper Midwest have already been blown away by snow, with more than one foot (31 centimeters) falling in North Dakota.

The storm is working southeast, with a large area south of Missouri watching the blizzard along with the snow that lost visibility on Saturday afternoon. As Saturday’s storm descends southeast, Flex could fall as far south as Alabama.

Memphis and Nashville will see measurable snow when most of Tennessee will See “Medium” or “Main” The effects of winter storms that can be life threatening. Meanwhile, Atlanta is more likely to see an unfortunate, cold rain Saturday because it will sit on the (relatively) warmer side of the storm. Among these, there may be frozen rain and drizzle for some parts of North Georgia, which will create its own nightmare travel situation.

The east coast will get a sloping mess

After taking a trip across the southeast, the storm will turn northward on Saturday night and turn into Sunday, disrupting life for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Cold winds in the center of the storm mean that most of the Appalachians, from Carolinas to Pennsylvania, can see one foot or Including the duration of snowfall where the rate of snowfall reaches 2 inches (5 centimeters) per hour. This will make for incredibly dangerous driving conditions.

But the eastern side of that core is less likely to have total or even rain. Washington, DC, what are you looking at Capital Weather Gang The city is calling for a “base 1 to 3 inches” of snow, which sounds like rubbish. In New York, including Monday, it will be mostly cold rain. It’s also, to be honest, a trash. The Los Angeles forecast is enough to make even the toughest New York look for a long weekend with jealousy.

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