Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

About three years after coming out Vaporization, Is about to get the Epic Games Store More strong support to achieve. From next week, you will have the opportunity to earn XP by completing certain tasks in selected games. Some of the titles that will support the feature outside the gate are included Rocket League, Hades, Eternal pillar And Alan Wake Remastered, Much more to come later in the year.

There are four levels of achievement in Epic’s system, each level giving you a different amount of XP. For example, when unlocking a bronze-level gain, you will earn between five and 45 XP, while a gold will give you a net of up to 200 XP. Once you earn 1,000 XP in a single game, you can earn its Platinum.

Along with the update, Epic is also launching new pages where you can track and share the progress you are making towards unlocking all the goals of a particular game. You will also see the information displayed through the library interface.

One thing to note is that this new system differs from the developer success epic implemented almost a year ago. The system will be for developers who do not want to be associated with the new, although the company has said it expects “this new system to be launched. [to] All developers of the Epic Games Store in the coming months. ”

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