Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

There is the Federal Communications Commission Withdrawal China Telecom America’s ability to operate in the United States. Citing national security concerns, the agency unanimously voted in favor of a proposal that was considered . With today’s order, the company has given 60 days to shut down telecom services in the United States, a subsidiary of China’s largest state-owned carrier.

Follow a process that involves input from , The FCC has seen that China Telecom is likely to comply with the Chinese government’s request, giving the country the opportunity to access, store, disrupt and distort U.S. communications. “Promoting national security is an integral part of the Commission’s responsibility to advance the public interest, and today’s move carries that mission to protect the country’s telecommunications infrastructure from potential security threats.” .

Over the past year, the FCC has taken similar action against other Chinese telecom and equipment manufacturers. Most notably, it has labeled both Huawei and ZTE And instructed the U.S. carrier From two companies.

We contacted China Telecom America for comment.

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