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A staff member from the California Department of Fish & amp;  Wildlife tests contaminated sanderling from an oil spill on Huntington Beach, California, on Monday, October 2021.

An employee of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife examines contaminated sandalwood from an oil spill on Huntington Beach, California, on Monday, October 4, 2021.
Pictures: Ringo HW Chiu (AP)

After more than 126,000 barrels of crude oil Dropped from a broken pipeline in Huntington Beach, California, This weekend, the first report of the affected wildlife was released on Monday. Careful, it’s so far, so good – but there’s still a long way to go.

Official report Tell me As of Monday morning, four live oily birds are still scattered. Michael Zicardi, director of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, A project of the University of California, Davis, of the School of Veterinary Medicine, said it was good news.

“The number of birds found gives us hope,” Zicardi said Says Journalist Monday. “In our initial assessment, the number of birds appears to be lower than expected.”

However, he Said That rescue teams observed multiple other birds affected by the hole that the rescuer Is Currently trying to recover. One of the birds rescued by OWCN, Pelican, had to be ethanized on Sunday due to the degree of injury, Zicardi said. A hotline has been set up for humans to report oily wildlife received more than 30,000 calls, but only 20 actually involved animals were infected. OWCN only restores live birds, Ziccardi said, so they only rescue a few from those who call. (If you live in the area and see the affected wildlife, however, the OWCN hotline Active: 1-877-823-6926.)

“First and foremost, “We need people not to try to catch dirty animals,” Zicardi said. “It is not safe for animals. It is not safe for them because oil can be a toxic substance.

Birds are wild animals Zickardi said oil spills are most affected, but marine mammals such as dolphins and whales can feel it. The effect after an oil spill. “Often The outer covering does not affect them, ”he said,“ but they are at risk of eating oily prey and their eyesight may also be damaged. AndEars after spraying BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico Dolphins have floated to the dead coast. They were likely to die Not caused directly by the hole, but Researchers suspect Spraying oil basically creates their pre-existing condition.

The number of endangered and threatened wildlife on Huntington Beach, including Brown pelicans like the one that euthanized. Nearby Bolsa Chika Ecological Reserve, a 1,300-acre area that provides Some of the best birds in the nation, Home to 200 species of birds, many of which are now endangered Tweets Posted Saturday, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley says she heard from the mayor Brad Avery of Newport Beach He saw dolphins swimming with pieces of oil. Multiple media outlets reported dead fish and birds The shores have been washed away on weekends.

An original route along what is also known as a two mile stretch of nearby wetlands Pacific Flyway, A 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) Habitat extends from Alaska to Mexico That D Billions of birds migrate Every year. More than 90 species of birds use Talbert Marsh and surrounding wetlands as stopping grounds. Route. The oil swells Done Deployed by the state Try to protect critical wetlands from further damage. However, Report Monday said an oil plume had already advanced at first speed, indicating that oil was entering the wetland.

Working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Coast Guard, Orange County, And the pipeline-owned power – the company that helps wildlife and tackles the spread.

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