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You may want to keep your Doritos-Dusted fingers off of these luxury $ 450 Lambskin gaming headphones.

If there is ever any doubt that video games are a lucrative business, it is true that Master & Dynamic is a well known company. Beautifully made headphones It’s amazing and a small fortune – launching the first set of wireless gaming headphones Proof That everyone wants a piece of action.

Although not a household name among most consumers, Master & Dynamic has consistently impressed us with headphones over the years-Classify and surpass the offers of companies like Sony, Bose and Apple. The Master and Dynamic MW65 On-ear headphones add excellent sound cancellation and impressive sound with luxurious content, while the master and Dynamic MW08 Wireless earbuds provide comfort, battery life, ANC and a perfect balance of sound that goes perfectly to your ears. But they will cost you Price tags are $ 500 and $ 300 respectively which is far from cheap.

You may want to keep your Doritos-Dusted fingers off of these luxury $ 450 Lambskin gaming headphones.

It is Perhaps it’s no surprise that Master & Dynamic’s first wireless gaming headphone, the MG20, could be a better price than what most gamers are willing to pay for headphones. But M&D has packed them with great technology and great materials to help them justify the ট্যাগ 450 price tag. The MG20 is obviously the company’s first headphone that will use a 50mm beryllium driver to support surround sound at 7.1 (or such an experience can only be reproduced using a pair of speakers) as well as a Qualcomm aptX HD codec for listening to music. , And aptX sounds are always in sync with on-screen actions to ensure low-latency.

An included boom mic can be moved when using the MG20 as regular headphones, while an additional onboard mic still allows users to make and receive calls with boom removal. And instead of the buttons or flashy swipe gestures used to control the volume, the headphones have a metal wheel with a nerd finish for volume adjustment.

The most striking feature of the MG20 gaming headphones is a design that does not look like their gaming headphones. There are no flashing LEDs, no animated cat ears and they are compact enough That in shape When worn you don’t feel like you’re guiding the 747s to their gate at their LAX. The anodized aluminum sleeves connect the memory foam earpads to the lightweight magnesium earcups that are wrapped in sheepskin. Keep those Doritos and Cheetos-covered fingers away.

Wireless mode battery life is estimated to be around 22 hours on a single charge, using “on-head detection” they automatically turn off when not worn so you don’t see them dead if you forget to turn around. Turn them off after a gaming session. But you can connect directly to a console or PC via USB to eliminate any latency and ensure that the battery never runs out in the heat of simulated battle.

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