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One of them The most prominent leader in the esports industry is under investigation for misconduct at work. Current and former employees and sports professionals have accused Tim Solomid founder and CEO Andy Day of verbally abusing and threatening him, the source told Wired. Riot Games, which manages Team of legends The championship series where TSM competes began an investigation into Dean’s behavior late last year. TSMO also confirmed that it has launched its own investigation at the same time.

“We are aware of allegations made against the CEO / owner of TSM,” Wright told GamesWired by email. “As a league operator, we have appointed O’Melveny & Myers LLP’s law enforcement to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of misconduct against the group’s leader, in accordance with the standard league procedure.” Both Wright and Day declined to comment on specific allegations, citing ongoing investigations.

Day, 29, has been leading the sports company since 2009 and is known in the sports community by his gaming handle “Reginald”. In 2020, Forbes Name TSM is the most valuable sports company with an estimated value of 10 410 million. Last year, the company changed its official name to TSM FTX after the cut A $ 210 million naming rights deal With the Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Exchange. TSM Sports manages the team and has contracts with players and streamers Fortnite, Evaluation, Apex Legends, More crushed crushed brother., And other top games, amounting to millions of followers across social media. After all, TSM has become a synonym for competition Team of legends, The biggest sports title of all time, attracts an enthusiastic international fan base.

The company, based in Southern California, has 51 full-time employees. Several of these employees told WIRED that they were attracted to TSM because of its high status in the sports world and their personal preferences. In the words of one current employee, many are frustrated by the so-called “mental torture” of the day. Everyone has asked for anonymity in the underlying and tight-knit world of essports for fear of career impact. “The sports industry is really young and toxic,” says one. “Your relationship results in more jobs than anything else.” Two sources say Dean’s close association with other sports team owners and professionals prevented current and former employees or players from pursuing accountability.

“He’s like a rapist who walks away from a bad guy because he’s strong, because people are afraid to stand by his side.” Team of legends Player and former TSM teammate Iliang “Peter” Peng, known as Doublelift, has publicly stated Live broadcast Last November. “I’m sick of someone who is basically a rapist to get away from it because not getting in his way is in everyone’s interest.”

Four people who have worked with TSM have told Wired that sports organizations are influenced by a culture of fear. Until 2013, they say, Dinh was known for verbally abusing and shouting at players and staff. He called the workers “stupid” or “meaningless”, two sources said. Two sources said Dinah had been calling employees for hours to yell at them. Three current or former TSM employees said that, at times, they would ridicule employees for hours on end. Her tirades are often induced by small mistakes. At other times, he shouted at employees in front of assembled colleagues as part of an “exhibition,” said one current employee, who said Dinh seemed proud. A former employee heard Day say he wanted to “set an example.” He has publicly reprimanded one person.

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