Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

May 4 has a special meaning for Star Wars fans around the world every year. They celebrate the day Star Wars, its movies, series, video games, comics and all aspects of the science fiction universe created by filmmaker George Lucas in 1977.

The reason Star Wars fans chose May 4th is because the date coincides with one of the most famous lines repeated throughout the film: “Force may be with you”, which changes: “The fourth may be with you,” the year on this day.

In Star Wars, the force is the omnipotent force that flows through every living thing – the JD – the good guy – and the Sith – the bad guy – to act like objects without being touched and to send electricity from them to the hand.

Since the release of the first movie in 1977, more characters such as Luke Skywalk Kar, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia Orga and Chevbakka, Ray, Kylo Ren and R2D2 have become major figures in world pop culture.

There have been several spin-off films and shows, such as Rogue One, Solo and The Mandorolian.

Over the decades, only nine original films have grossed nearly 9 9 billion in box-office sales, making them one of the most successful movie franchises to date.

If you have never seen Star Wars, what can you expect from nine movies?

First, they will visit dozens of planets, including hundreds of customer-described aliens, robots and other animals. To determine the fate of the galaxy, they will have a light-bar-producing JD Knights, the evil Sith Lord of War.

For those of you who were stuck at home under the Cavid Lockdown, 2021 may be the perfect year to dive into your “finger away, galaxy” finger. It will take a total of 20 hours to watch these nine movies, more than enough time to take your mind away from the epidemic for a while.

But one of the most talked about topics among Star Wars fans is the sequence of watching these movies. Should they follow the order in which they were released or the order in which they were placed? Or should it be a mixture of both, the so-called fish orders?

Are these nine films finished? Then it might be time to go to other Star Wars movies and shows like The Mandorolian, The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch or Rogue One.

However, please skip the Star Wars Christmas special.

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