Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Seven years after it disappeared, the G4 has a return date. The Xfinity TV will be revived on November 16 on Cox and Verizon Fios (former parent company of Verizon Engadget). You will be able to stream the network Too.

There are also many years of promotional and commercial agreements with the G4 . The network will continue to create dedicated content for social media channels, including YouTube. The G4 usually announces a return date in offbeat fashion Xbox mini fridge And Nintendo Switch OLED.

Classic G4 series Going back with their respective former hosts Kevin Pereira and Adam Sesler. Called a weekly event Encouraged Sport will focus on coverage, and you’ll be able to see Events like IEM Katovis 2022. With all 167 episodes Ninja Warrior (Aka Sasuk).

In addition to Pereira and Cesler, the G4 talent roster includes support figures Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, Ovili May and Indiana “Frascurin” Black; YouTube creators Qasim G, Gerard “The Compliantist” Khalil and Gina Darling; Twitch streamers Fiona Nova and Will Nef; And WWE wrestler and gaming personality Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed).

Carrier The original incarnation of the G4 in September. So far. Comcast announced plans to revive the brand in July 2020. Earlier this year, the G4 started streaming shows And in the leadup to relaunch Twitter.

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