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Although Facebook Messenger Access to personal funding This is not new, I could not think of it as a payment platform. This is another inbox from which aunts, uncles and friends came The high school blew up with the message when I didn’t post on Facebook for a while. But it is becoming clearer now That Messenger I will gladly manage my money if I let it.

Facebook Messenger has provided a sneak peek of the team New “Split payment “ A feature News announcement Friday. It’s basically a way to organize and pay for the joint expenses you have A friend, roommate, coworker or someone you’re sharing the bill with. Just like the app Divided, Split Payment lets you create a shared cost, share the bill equally, or change the contribution to suit each person. You also have the option of including or excluding yourself from expenses.

Once all the information is in the app, you can send a request to the people you need to pay via messenger to get paid Facebook Pay (Venmore Company Edition), And transfer it to your bank account.

The Facebook Messenger team said in a news release, “It’s going to be easier if you’re struggling with group dinners, shared family expenses, or even sharing monthly rent (and refunds).

The company did not provide details about the split payment. From the promotional image provided, it looks like Messenger is designed for use in group chats. Person-to-person payment Already possible Medium Facebook Pay on Messenger, But it is not clear whether split payment features, such as bill sharing, will be available in this case.

Can’t lie, Facebook, or I mean, meters, track records are on Privacy, Data mining, And well, Everything else Messenger doesn’t really inspire me to give out my credit card information. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, Messenger doesn’t fit into my brain that way. Of course, it’s very clear that he wants to believe it with my money, But I have other apps for it. Secure with multi-factor authentication and great customer service.

Messenger will start testing Split payment This feature for US users next week Will be given for free. No word yet on when the feature will be available to the United States or internationally.

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