Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

The Google Play Store on the web is dated, to put it mildly – large sidebars and card-like lists will not show up out of place on a mobile phone. Android Lollipop. However, the company seems ready to take its portal to the modern age. Android Police And one tipstar says they did Discovered A newly designed Play Store that is much more in tune with the current mobile app.

The revision appears for a simple four-button navigation system to scrape large sidebars and cards, and a large, clean-looking list with auto-playing trailers for games. You can filter apps by device type. If you want to access your library or redeem a gift card, options like these have gone to the General Account Switcher in the Google Web App.

AP The redesign was marked as a “work-in-progress” and had to be switched to the Korean Play Store (the Taiwan version also worked) to view it. We asked Google if it could comment on this potential test. If the site indicates a larger overhaul, though, it may be welcome if you regularly purchase apps and media from your computer.

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