Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

You may want to read about the differences between Missouri Governor Mike Parsons To reveal And exploiting security flaws. According to Per Missouri Independent, Person accused a St. Louis post-dispatch Reporter for being a “hacker” for being brave … Report Security hole. The journalist revealed an error in the Department of Primary and Secondary Education’s web app that allows more than 100,000 teachers to see their social security numbers in site source code, and Parsons described it as a “game of politics” that means “embarrassing the state” – that is, a malicious hack.

The governor has already sent the case to the Cole County Prosecutor, who is even investigating the Missouri Highway State Patrol. A lawyer for Post-dispatch Promised that the reporter had “acted responsibly” to share the flaws with the government. The lawyer also helped Parsons with his internet lingo. A hacker is someone who “destroys” security with malicious intent, not a reporter who is trying to strengthen security by sharing information available to the public.

This error was not recent. Missouri-St. University Louis Professor Shazi Khan said Post-dispatch That such vulnerabilities had been known “for at least” 10 years, and it was “upset” that the department would allow these problems to persist. In 2015 and 201, the audit department and the school raised the issue of data collection in both the districts.

No, prosecutors probably won’t file a complaint. It’s a little harder to convict someone whose ‘hack’ is as effective as clicking “View Page Source” in their browser. However, it highlights a very familiar problem with politicians who do not understand technology. It doesn’t just lead to embarrassment, e.g. Letters from longtime chief executives – It can discourage responsible security disclosures and put thousands of people at risk.

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