The Greens in Germany lost their luster as the election heat intensified

In her latest televised appearance, the Greens’ candidate for German chancellor, Analina Barbak, was confronted with a raw stick placed near her at an interview desk: she asked if she would eat it, and would the Germans be allowed to grill under the Greens Chancellor?

“Everyone in this country can eat whatever they want,” Babarak told the Build Live program with a smile. “I actually like grilling. . . Although I’m not sure if the steak fits with my grill. “

A new image for the semi-humorous Exchange Greens reflects the problem. They have kept public opinion high ever since Barbak’s candidacy The 2021 parliamentary elections were announced in April.

But a string of gaffs and debates now defends them defensively – sometimes even allowing their rivals to raise a stereotype again. The Greens can get the most breaks: Forbidden party, Which roughly translates as a group that likes to ban things.

The interviewer’s stake question was an unrealistic memory of one of the Eco-Party’s mistakes since the 2013 parliamentary elections. They got nine percent of the vote.

For this September’s election, which marks the end of Angela Merkel’s 1-year term as chancellor, Greens aims to work separately.

They have become as tight as themselves Change driverWhich Survey Advise the country’s voters want – especially a stronger climate policy. Barbak also identified Green as moderate enough to attract mainstream voters away from Merkel’s long-standing influential force in German politics, the center-right Christian Democrats and the center-left Social Democrats.

In the weeks following his nomination, Greens outperformed the CDU in the voting system, sometimes reaching 26 percent. However, their ratings have slipped after Babbark’s balance between change and continuity sank.

Over the past two weeks, the team has made a number of missteps that have turned off their electoral illumination even though they are unlikely to be knocked out of the race, and point to potential problems ahead.

It began with the news that as of this March, Bernabeu had failed to report to the President of the Bundestag for some of his income as needed from the leadership of the Green Party.

Barbark apologized for what he called a “stupid mistake” and compared to recent times CDU’s mask collection corruption scandall, the amount was relatively low, about 25 25,000. For the Germans, although it was not about money, the Greens failed to live up to their own moral standards.

“As they put morality first in politics, they are now being measured by this criterion,” said Peter Matusekh, chief analyst at the Institute for Voting.

A few days later Foreign policy Stumbling, when the group’s co-head Robert Habek visited Ukraine and said the country needed “defensive weapons”. It was vehemently rejected by the Greens ’pacifist base, and also opposed to Germany’s tough arms policies. He later argued that he meant kits like night goggles or mine detection tools.

Barbak’s other missteps were reported to Germany’s top tabloids, Pictures, And there should be no more short-haul flights. He meant that domestic flights should be replaced by train travel. But in Mallorca, Spain, a country that has been hit by fast flights for a favorite holiday destination has suffered.

Marco Bushman, a leading politician in the pro-business Free Democrats, called it “the best example of a Greens ban.” CDU’s Armin in the corpseHis main election rival said: “They have called for a ban on everything where they want to influence the people.”

The key strategy for Green right now is to stay calm, says Ann Jungjohan, an analyst at the Green-Approved Heinrich Ball Foundation. “Barbak has to show that he can take the heat.”

Just a month ago, when the media hype increased because of Barbock’s nomination, the cover of News Magazine Spiegel Laughing at Babarak with a ridiculously featured headline: “Women of All Seasons” “Last week, by contrast, Spiegel ‘Greens logo – Greens logo with the wind – A cartoon of Butterbuck and Habakkuk was sun “Welcome to reality,” it said.

Wu Jun, a politician at the University of Trier, said the Greens now stand at 21.5 percent, four percentage points higher than the CDU. The latest Insa poll, Not as bad as illustrated. He said Green’s recent drop was expected after the emergence of the early Babarbock. “I don’t think the chance of their rule in the next coalition is in trouble,” he said.

Nonetheless, whether the Greens can run the government will face growing scrutiny from public curiosity, said Ursula Mancha, director of the Academy for Political Education in Tutjing, Bavaria. More offensive attacks will be stronger at the points emphasized than barbecues are allowed.

Munch hopes the Greens will fight criticism of their ambitious € 500 billion spending plan work and increased climate protection.

Greens wants to fund it by removing Germany’s debt break, but the law is included in the constitution and needs to be amended by a two-thirds majority in parliament and the senate – almost impossible due to possible election results, where no party will have a majority.

“They have to admit that they don’t really know how to finance it. So I think about it, the problems have just started, ”he said.

Regardless of whether the party can stay ahead, the idea of ​​a green chancellor candidate has effectively become a central factor in the German election – whether voters are for or against Barbaric.

“On the one hand, those who will say, ‘We want and want policy change, we want a green vice-chancellor,’ and on the other, those who say, ‘We want to avoid a green, inexperienced chancellor at any cost,'” Manche said. “It simply came to our notice then. They may say, “It’s up to us.”

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