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Space-based concept art from the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Does that mean they will play? ‘Reverse 80s song, too?
Pictures: Disney Park

All the way back D23 in 2019, Disney has shown the concept art for a roller coaster themed around Galactic Guardians, With Its goal Available to the public at Epcot this year to mark the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort. (That … Didn’t happen.) But now, it’s time for the Marvel Guardians to make their great debut at Walt Disney World, as Disney has revealed. Guardian of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind The journey will hit in 2022

The big innovation of the ride without being set in the XandarYou know, planet It was trashed in the third act of James Gunn’s first film and was later completely destroyed on the screen of Thanos. Avengers: Infinity War– It will turn in the opposite direction, it is the first for Disney parks. Officially Disney Park Blog, It has also been described as a “universal” that rotates 360 degrees from start to finish and is “one of the longest encircled coasters in the world.”

It can make your stomach think not only about it, but in the case above Interview with Inside Disney Podcast, Imaginative Ashley Levine and White Winter Motion Sickness have raised concerns for victims. More than anything, the goal was to make sure Rewind There will be something that will be perfect for the family and not a journey that will lose people Their lunch. Levine admits, “We’ve found really innovative ways to make sure we’re delivering the thrill and excitement that parents are delivering,” but we absolutely don’t want anyone to get sick. “Thinking of winter Rewind As a perfect transitional ride: “It’s a lot more exciting than the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, but it’s not a rocking roller coaster. Everyone is going to graduate like they do other coasters and they go upstairs before they do anything else.

Join Rewind Ride is the “Wonder of Gender” pavilion that is currently under construction. The blog boasts a pavilion planetarium presentation that Xandarians will share People with their technology and Parkgowers. The pavilion comes as part of a larger effort to revive Epcot The center after falling by the wayside in recent years. With the upgrade Spacecraft Earth, A Ratatouille Ride, and a new one Moana Themed experiences around the water (of course), Cosmic Rewind Epcot is exactly what it could be Demand. Just cross your fingers It is significantly cheaper Than trying to meet you Star wars Imagination.

Subject Star wars, Inside Disney has also been spotted Galactic Starcruiser The resort that opens March 1, 2022 Halsion The StarCruiser since it goes to the Galaxy Edge’s home, outer rim and batu. “It’s a great experience for the next generation,” said proud producer Travis Feinstein. “We really want you to feel like you are one Star wars Movies. “Previously, the Galactic Starcruiser was described as a mix of immersed theater, role-playing, and a thematic environment.

But that price, though … As mentioned earlier, this is quite expensive. For a family of four, it was 6,000, while the two had a party for only 4,809 and three at $ 5,299 That’s right Barely Cheap. If you want to choose how you live in the galaxy, hopefully it’s like one Lots Credit for spending.

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