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Allison (Andy Matichak), granddaughter of Laurie Stroud, is holding a gun in a group of people in search of the Halloween villain Michael Myers.

Shooting him won’t kill him, Allison (Andy Matichak). Dr. Lo Lumis has already tried that.
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Back in 2018, we gathered around the fire Jack-and-lantern to discuss Its the end David Gordon Greens Halloween. Michael Myers was guaranteed to survive – after all, Halloween killing And Halloween is over Already announced, so there was no way to ignite the weird shutter mask of Slasher In the booby-trapped basement of Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Halloween killingHowever, it throws a few more curves at the viewer – not necessarily about Michael’s fate (because, obviously, Halloween is over Still to happen), but a wonderful farewell to many other characters, not to mention giving us a new impetus for Haddenfield’s Buzzman. Now that Halloween killing Having been in theaters and in Peacock for a few days, we’re taking out some spoiler-filled fun-sized sneakers bars Halloween killing Gossip

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Allison and her mother (Judy Gray) made that face during the last 20 minutes of Halloween Kills.

Allison and her mother (Judy Gray) made that face during the last 20 minutes of Halloween Kills.
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The last thing is the first, that last, that Judy Greer Karen-The Daughter of Laurie Stroud, and easily The person with the highest level of all Haddonfield, Wanders upstairs to Myers House to look out the window at Myers’ choice – and pays for it for the rest of his life. This, after snatching Michael’s mask and making fun of him with it … so that he can be set by a mob led by a baseball bat-building Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) … which Puts He took her out for about two minutes before he got up and killed them all. With Karen. Nooooo!

That Will create A certain amount of senses If Halloween killing Even then the general was following Halloween Narrative Michael’s Desirable goals His own female family members “and /Or “Michael’s preferred target people Attached to Lorry Strode. But this continuum, which has already made it clear that Michael and Laurie are not siblings, now goes back to the idea that Michael is obsessed with ending what he started in 1978.– Something Lorry Believing so strongly that it is true He has practically spent His whole life has been preparing for his return. Halloween killing He told most of us Wants to go home, which means Karen was exactly my guess.

What do you think? Halloween killing‘Accepting Michael’s inspiration? Were you surprised that Karen died? What else do you like or dislike about the latest entry in the series – and what do you expect to see? Halloween is over? Who else is ready to take a break and revisit Michael Myers? Halloween III: Magical ason tu Instead?

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