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The image in the article titled Hardware Hacker Breaks DRM in a Mini Dish Washer

Pictures: dekuNukem

Hardware hacking, the developer is the amount of very clever bits dekuNukem (The hacker who created Small device that switches your screen to work automatically When a boss walks in) DRM-protected detergent cassettes detail a method for refilling for a বল 486 portable dishwasher Bob.

Trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds.

Bob is basically a small dishwasher that sits at your counter. It holds half a dozen meals and some silverware and you add water to the system by hand. It looks like a great alternative to a larger installed dishwasher or something great for apartment dwellers but it also has a secret BRMR that keeps you tied to the company’s products.

The image in the hardware hacker title article breaks the DRM in a mini dishwasher

Pictures: Donate.Tech

Bob uses cassettes, called rock and pop (LL!), To contain concentrated detergent and to wash away liquids. Cassettes are similar to inkjet cartridges in that they store a small amount of data in the case of a built-in chip.

This chip saves the number of washes and will “cancel” any cassette technically empty. The machine will then automatically order a new cassette. For Bob’s achievement, you can use your own detergent, but it’s not easy. And cassettes are not cheap.

“It costs about £ 43 (60) for a 90 wash with shipping and VAT added! This is 48p (67c) per wash. It doesn’t sound like much, but it does increase quickly, ”writes Deku Nekem. “Everyday washing for a year, Bob Cassette alone would have cost 174 (2 242)! Imagine spending so much time on any dishwasher! “

The image in the article titled Hardware Hacker Breaks DRM in a Mini Dish Washer

Pictures: dekuNukem

Using an eProm reader they were able to pull data from the cassette and correct it, allowing a simple system to reset the cartridges to their original wash counts or in one case force the cassette to run about 70 washes without ads.

Once they discovered the decoupling coding process, they had to find a way to replenish their cassettes. They searched the internet for offers of centralized detergents and found one that matched the description on the website.

“Fortunately, the UK brings safety data sheets with control over all chemical products, which have the structure and concentration of what’s inside. In this way, I can compare an unknown detergent with a Bob cassette and get a rough idea of ​​how close it is, ”they wrote.

Decukem got the same kind of washed and washed product, bought it and made some squirrels on the cassette. Success!

The result? The savings per wash-cost is 65 percent.

“It’s illing0 times cheaper to repay, saving a whopping 98% more than buying a new one!” They wrote.

Plans and codes are available for open-source dishwasher DRM removal systems Github of Dekukem, And they’re actually selling Cassette Revinder, A pre-sonard board that will automatically reset the cassette EEPROM to 29 29.99. Obviously, this isn’t great for the company that created Bob, but it could make the product more attractive to the real anti-DRM entrepreneurs out there.

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