Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Carlos Brito, who transformed Brazil’s regional brewery into the world’s largest beer maker, Anhuiser-Bush Inviv, will resign as the group’s chief executive 15 years later.

AB Invev said Brito would relinquish his role to Michelle Ducaris, the group’s North American business president, on July 2 and leave the company after more than three decades.

The 0-year-old marks the end of an era in the breeding industry after Jean-Franোois van Boxmeier resigned as Heineken’s chief executive in 2020. Both helped integrate the sector, helping regional players build global powerhouses for winemaking.

“Among his many achievements is Brito, the architect who today led the world’s leading beer company and a leading global consumer packaged goods company, and a leading global consumer packaged goods company, efficiently integrating many of AB Inviv’s businesses.” Its chairman is Martin Barrington. Invive.

Budweiser, Stella Artois and Coroner Brewer considered outside candidates seriously for the role, the Financial Times reported. Report Last year, however, another Brazilian who joined the group 25 years ago opted for Ducaris, who has grown through sales before running Asian and North American businesses.

According to AB Inviv, the board unanimously elected Ducaris.

By the end of 2020, with the spread of the epidemic at the top of the list, Brito’s departure comes at a cost of .. 2.7 billion. Acquisition SABMiller in 2011AB. The company cut its dividend in half in April last year.

As a result of globalization and socialization, beer sales rose 13.3 percent to expectations 12.3 billion, up 1.2 percent from first-quarter revenue expectations, to থেকে 12.3 billion, according to a report released Thursday. Has generated লাভ 1.1 billion in inclusion profits

Brito’s brewer career began when he joined Britain’s Brewer Brima in 1979, working for his mentor Georgi Paolo Lehmann, the founder of 3G, a private equity firm that paid for his studies at Stanford.

Brahma began a contract-led expansion, transforming regional brewer Amdev. Brito took over as chief executive in 2004, and the same year the company merged with Interbrew in Belgium, the creator of Stella Artois, to create Inviv. Four years later it took an unfavorable control to turn the U.S. group Anhuiser-Bush into a global brewer.

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