The Instagram relay brings tic-tac-toe duet-style collaboration

Short form video section Even becoming . New Sounds like a tickling duet. You can interact with other users’ reels by sharing your own videos with them.

Tap the menu icon to remix someone else’s reel. You can record a new video on the Instagram app or upload a pre-recorded one from your camera roll. There are some editing options, including for audio, effects and playback speed. This feature is enabled by default in new reel uploads. You can For old videos through the menu in each post.


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You will be able to see other users’ remixes on your relay Through the Activity tab. Remixes from other videos you’ve made will pop up in the reels section of your profile.

Duet was the main reason why Tiktok became such a big platform. As well as adding melodies to other users’ songs ), People have used duties to take part in dance challenges and .

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