Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The drone is apparently turning Assassination equipment. According to CBS News And Reuters, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi says he survived a drone-based assassination attempt at his home in Baghdad’s highly secure Green Zone today (November 8th). The country’s interior ministry said three drones, including a car bomb, were involved in the attack. Six bodyguards were injured in the incident and an officer is speaking Reuters Security forces claimed to have found the remains of a small drone at the scene.

Although the Iraqi government has publicly said it is “premature” to identify the perpetrators. CBS Sources suspect that the perpetrators include pro-Iranian militias who have used similar tactics against Erbil International Airport and the US embassy. The militias directly blamed al-Qadimi for the casualties in fighting between Iraqi security forces and pro-militia protesters who objected to the loss of their side in the October 10 parliamentary vote.

Iraq, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran have publicly condemned the attack. Militia leaders, however, suggested that the drone strike could be forged to divert attention from the reported deaths of protesters.

Drone-based terrorism is not a completely fancy concept. ISIS, for example, has modified off-the-shelf drones Explosive drops. Although attacks against political leaders are still very rare. If true, the reported Iraqi plot suggests that drone terrorism is entering a new phase – extremists are using robotic flyers to hit major targets which is very dangerous to hit using conventional methods.

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