The Irish prime minister has called on the UK and the EU to “rebuild” relations

The Irish Prime Minister called on the United Kingdom and the EU to “reset” their relations so that they could work together to consolidate the Northern Ireland Protocol governing post-Brexit trade between Great Britain, the Republic and Ireland’s Northern Ireland.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Irish Toussaint Michel Martin lamented the deterioration of relations between the UK and the EU in recent months. After leaving the UK from the European Union, they clashed over an agreement designed to avoid politically unnecessarily tight borders on the island of Ireland.

“I think we need to re-establish our relationship,” Martin said, describing London’s tough stance on the EU’s “concerns” in recent months, especially its commitment to a single decision on tariffs. Under protocol. The EU responds with alawsuit.

Ireland is pursuing a diplomatic tightening, trying to maintain good relations with the UK and the fine balance achieved through the peace treaty on Good Friday, at the same time referring to Brussels as Dublin’s credentials as a good European nation.

“I have made it very clear to our European Union partners that British historically closed British-Irish relations are unique,” Martin said, sitting in the Irish Parliament for the past 32 years and leading the coalition government since June last year.

“We are both joint guards [Good Friday] There is no agreement between us to ensure that we work constructively together, ”Martin added. “This is our goal and our goal as a government – to maintain a constructive relationship with Britain.”

At the same time, Martin argues in the EU that “there must be a constructive UK-EU relationship in the future.” That relationship was threatened by the collapse of the European Union Suspended He described the dispute protocol over vaccines and other aspects of the protocol covering drugs, meat products and soil covering goods traveling between the UK and Northern Ireland as a “stupid” UK decision to suspend customs checks and other aspects of the protocol.

Martin believes confidence has waned, with enough left to keep the deal. “I think it makes sense for Britain that it really works on its relationship with the EU,” he said. “The EU is ready to hire.”

Martin said UK officials have been more constructive in recent weeks, and moving toward a “win-win” deal last week. Supply of Covid-19 vaccine There was a “very important” sign across the EU and the UK.

The hospitality sector in Northern Ireland is the latest Warn Supermarkets in the region will be evaded by the protocol after being excluded from a temporary scheme designed to make it easier for English, Welsh or Scottish suppliers to receive products. Small business He also complained of smoking on red tape and facing long delays for products to clear tariffs.

Martin said the EU felt that Northern Ireland had already “done a lot” to “simplify the situation” and that the protocol was “EU compromise”.

“I will admit that work needs to be done. . . To see what fine tune we can do, “he said. The UK’s EU withdrawal agreement provides for special committees to deal with any difficulties.” We need to work to see those committees work. [if] Can we tackle these issues and make life as easy as possible for business? ”

Martin added that the type of business between Britain and Ireland had changed “really fast”. “We may see more profound changes in business styles than anyone expected as a result of Brexit,” he said.

“People are now collecting goods from different places, supplying raw materials to avoid trouble,” he said, adding that business types would “settle” by the end of the year, when long-term trends would become more apparent.

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