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The IRS requests the public to file a photo of the article titled ASAP ASAP.

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If you don’t want to delay your 2021 tax return for some ridiculous time, the Internal Revenue Service has a request: file things electronically. Please.

That’s one of the main takeaways from today IRS announcement About the start of the upcoming tax season on January 24th. Agency, through which the combing process is still going on Millions return Since last year, taxpayers have been asked to file their forms electronically With Includes their direct deposit information. Steps such as filing a printed return or requesting your return by paper check don’t just add to the IRS ‘unimaginable workload – it means your return will be delayed until … well, until the IRS handles it. Can

IRS Commissioner Chuck Ratig said in a statement, “In many cases, we are unable to service and enforce the amount our taxpayers and the tax system deserve and need.” “It’s frustrating for taxpayers, for IRS staff, and for me. IRS staff want to do more, and we will continue to do everything possible in 2022 with the resources available to us.”

If you have questions about your tax situation this year (which, let’s be honest, Those who will not), Politely requesting people to use online resources instead of calling the IRS agency. People have one Harder and harder Due to the unprecedented number of questions about the Kovid-era tax changes, time is available on the phone with someone from the agency.. And there Lots of changes To call about Retig says that during last year’s tax season, the company received more than 145 million calls – more than four times that number. Call accepted In an average year.

This year, the agency expects to file more than 160 million personal returns, the bulk of which will come in well ahead of the traditional tax deadline in April. Ideally, the IRS says it expects taxpayers to file their returns within three weeks of filing electronically, assuming they have no problem with their particular return.

But just to be safe, it can be worth guessing Something Problems managing your taxes this year. In a phone call with reporters about the IRS announcement on Monday, Treasury officials said Says They anticipate a “disappointing season” ahead. The ongoing epidemic has won A good piece IRS personnel, also while forcing the agency Shutter Many offsite centers where countless claims are processed. On top of that, the IRS is still reeling Budget cut Implemented under the Trump administration, while tasked with waking up new programs like this. Child tax credit Which with resources it can scrap together.

All this to say that the IRS is a hot mess. There Millions Unprocessed tax returns, Countless Unanswered calls, and the Lord knows what else is going on inside these walls. So it might be worth listening to the IRS advice here: File quickly, file electronically and grab one Digital guide Tax filing instead of straining the IRS phone line.

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